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Eye Flutter/Eye Rolling
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I am a 22 year old female and since about the fourth grade people have been telling me that I flutter or roll my eyes. I have no idea that I am doing it and I don't think I can control it. I have been to many doctors and they do not know what it could be.

I had an MRI with and without contrast to see if there was anything in my brain and everything turned out normal. I also had an EEG to check for a seizure disorder and that came back normal too, no seizures.

It is becoming very frustrating because I am trying to get a job and I don't want people think that I am being rude to them by "rolling my eyes" at them. I also get very upset when people ask me "How do you do that with your eyes" or "Why do you that with your eyes?" When people say that to me I try to figure out what I am doing to see if something triggers it and I am unaware of it. But it's nothing out of the ordinary. I'm usually talking to them, answering questions, having a conversation etc...

I need help because I really want this to stop. So if you have any idea as to what it might be or any suggestions as to help me to try and control and stop this behavior would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Posted on 05/30/12, 08:55 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/27/12  1:28am
" I have the same problem.... and I'm 18 my co-workers and my managers get sometimes mad when I do it as well my teachers and classmates in school but there are times where I roll my eyes on purpose because well people do ask and do stupid things. Lets just say its something unique about us. I think it's a tic. My great grandmother does it so, it maybe a genetic thing and who cares about what other people say. Your friends and family do start to ignore it and never notice anymore once they get to know you. - IIIIIBONE "

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