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wake up really cold after short nap
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I've starting taking a short power nap (15min) around 1pm. but even only after 15 minutes, i wake up shivering cold. Then it takes me an hour to get warm again. The nap hardly feels worth it when it take so long to recover. Does anybody else have stil problem of being cold?
Posted on 03/04/10, 03:13 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/04/10  5:46pm
" yeah i have had that but only a couple of times, and its usually when i wake up, i dont feel cold to the touch though, but i am that cold i shake, this sounds strange but its sort of a different cold to the normal...that sounds mad lol. Am not sure if its anxiety with me,when i went for my sleep study i was the same then, the room was 25 degrees i had 2 sets of bed wear on a dressing gown and in the bed and still felt cold and shook, idk seems strange though. "
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Reply #2 - 03/05/10  11:53am
" It's natural for the body temperature to drop for sleep. It's one reason most people (not just PWN) get sleepy in colder environments and sleep more in the winter.

If you consider that
1- the part of the brain that malfunctions in PWN also play a part in temperature regulations
2- most of us average a below average body temperature ANYWAY, and
3- 15 minutes is really not enough time for the body to complete a full cycle of slowly lowering the temp for sleep and bringing it back up to way properly,

It's really no wonder you wake up cold. I, personally, am finding I'm colder before I fall asleep and have to have a space heater on at night. If I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I turn it off and am fine from then on, unless I wake up again for more than a few minutes.

I suspect since my temperature is already lower than "normal" and the brain is screwy, the temp drops a little TOO much right before I actually fall asleep.

There's really no way to "fix" it that I can think of, except programming a thermostat to be a little warmer in the morning when you wake up, and try scheduling your naps to be a little longer to give your body time to re-adjust before you get up. "
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Reply #3 - 03/05/10  11:04pm
" Yes, I also have temp issues...

I am not limited to waking or sleeping, for me it can be anytime, but it does seem to be worse then. When I wake up, I may be slightly damp from sweating while asleep, but freezing as soon as I leave the bed. On the way to the shower I turn up the thermostat and the extra boost in heat mixed with hot water and a closed bathroom door will get me warm again until I am dressed. Going to sleep I am usually cold also...anyone else also own multiple sets of flannel sheets? LOL, I am debating in investing in fleece ones next winter! "

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