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Myofascial pain in the neck/shoulder area
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Hello all,
I wanted to ask does anyone else on this forum have myofasical pain in the neck/shoulder region?
Can you describe your symptoms? The reason i ask is every 15mins or so i have to tilt my head back to release the tension in the neck and whenever i do there is a click or crack in the same spot.
Does anyone else experience this?
Posted on 12/05/11, 07:20 am
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Reply #1 - 12/05/11  8:09am
" I swear by both Bonnie Pruden and the trigger point therapy workbook. Yea, I'm creaky all over. but if you can find the trigger points and work on them, even with a tennis ball, big help "
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Reply #2 - 12/05/11  9:06am
" Max,

I do its mostly on my R side some on the left shoulder area too.
I have pain the goes from my head, neck and lower jaw down into my trapezeus, scapula, upper and a little lower back. My shoulder, pecs and then down my arm, elbow and hand.

My neck crackles and clicks, I feel like a bowl of rice cripsies. Its always the same spot, I try to tilt my neck to one side alot to try to get it to release the tension and pop. It feels so much better when it does, but its short lived. I have noticed at the base of my skull/top of my neck on the right side that there is a lump, its larger than on the left, the muscles are all bound up and very sore. I asked my Dr and he said it was the occipital muscles. I also get headaches to boot, not bad ones but enough to bug ya.

You are not alone.
Kat "
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Reply #3 - 12/05/11  9:13am
" Someone on here told me to put a tennis ball in a sock, put it over my shoulder get up against the wall roll it around to work the T.P.s its a great tool. "
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Reply #4 - 12/05/11  10:04am
" Well its good to know im not alone. Im just a little worried that all this clicking and popping cant be good. Will it lead to something more serious in the future i.e. arthritis?
I have to say i did try the tennis ball method. to be honest im not sure if i did it correctly or what but i didn't respond to it very well but ive got a slightly bigger rubber plastic ball which works better.
I know this may be a silly question but will my muscles ever release/function normally again. My life is on hold because of this. Im only 27 and i cant really do any sports i used to. :( "
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Reply #5 - 12/05/11  10:41am
" The noises could be crepitus. My physiatrist told me not to worry too much about it.

Some people find a theracane useful in treating trigger points.

You are not alone in any of this. My neck, shoulders and upper back are riddled with trigger points. "
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Reply #6 - 12/05/11  4:29pm
" Do I get any 'noise' from my neck and shoulder trigger points? Goodness me, yes! Snap, crackle and pop all the time. But I never worry about it and really don't worry it will lead to arthritis. This was reinforced when I read through the 'save yourself' site and there is a specific section on this noise, so here is the section:

"Active trigger points seem to be associated with “crepitus” — tissue noise! Crepitus can refer to any crunching, crackling, popping, snapping or grinding noise or sensation in the human body. In the context of trigger points, there are probably three common kinds of crepitus that are worse when trigger points are active:

1.“Rechargeable” joint popping, as in knuckle cracking. Joints will pop more loudly, and more often, in the vicinity of active trigger points or their referral zones. For instance, in February 2010, my wife was in a terrible car accident, and she had a great deal of healing to do, and of course quite a bit of muscle pain. Curiously, one of the most obvious effects of the accident is a huge increase in joint popping, particularly near her injuries — it’s very impressive! Note that no one really knows, despite commonly expressed theories, what the $!#@&! joint popping actually is. It is fairly well established that it’s harmless, fortunately.

2.Tearing of adhesions between layers of connective tissue. See the adhesions section for more information.

3.And tendon snap — muscles containing trigger points have a higher tone (tension), pull on their tendons more strongly, and the tendons may cause a snapping noise as they move over projections of bone or other bumpy anatomy. Common places for tendon snap are the shoulder and the hip.

There is no scientific evidence to support any of this. However, it makes sense, and it is certainly consistent with my own personal and professional experience. Numerous patients over the years have reported this phenomenon. Don’t be alarmed by it, it’s the least of your worries — simply consider it an interesting diagnostic sign of trigger points."

Tissue noise! I love that sentence.

Hope that helps. "
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Reply #7 - 12/09/11  11:42am
" bump "
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Reply #8 - 12/14/11  8:53am
" apologies for the late reply guys, been busy and unwell. I wanted to ask does anyone else experience a sore throat from stiff neck muscles particulary the front neck muscles? When i am in a lot of pain i find that i get a sore throat and temperature..
this is the 2nd or 3rd time in the space of about 5 weeks. I generally dont fall ill that quick and often but im just wandering could it because of the taut neck muscles that it always starts of with swollen glands.. or maybe im just looking in to things to much and the bug is going round. "
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Reply #9 - 12/14/11  10:32am
" I have never gotten a sore throat of fever when my neck is flared up. I get a feeling like I am getting strangled and my neck will get very weak and sore all the way around but never pain "inside" my throat that goes along with a fever like you are describing.
Since this has happened so frequently for you, it may be related though..
Hopefully someone else here will be able to offer some more guidance. "
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Reply #10 - 12/14/11  10:50am
" I often felt feverish when I was in a big flare. Never took my temp so I don't know if I actually had one. Got a sore throat but eventually found out I had mono. "

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