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Because I just seemed to have my color vision take a hike a few weeks ago & did the steroids recommended. I've been curious of how my color vision is....besides just the labels running on the evening news. That test of course is online, just found a site for it if you want to take a look....its not something someone googles to find a site normally. I did tonight. Here the site for anyone else that wants to check color vision.

Do you notice with MS stuff like that, its like I never had color vision. It just seems normal not to see the numbers....but I know I did & did for a long I was able to see color numbers. Its not such a great loss. Prevents me from having to give an opinion on ever redecorating scheme my mother has. That alone is worth not seeing color numbers..and many men are color blind normally.
Posted on 11/22/09, 03:41 am
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Reply #1 - 11/22/09  9:51am
" I'm just curious; did MS affect your ability to see colors properly? I have had MS for 20 years and am not color-blind but it was discovered my 26-year-old son was color-blind when he was 14. He couldn't make out any of the numbers on the test. It does not affect his life at all although his fiancee does his clothes shopping for him. "
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Reply #2 - 11/22/09  10:42am
" Yes MS has affected my ability to see colors. 8 months prior to my discovery that I was not able to see the color numbers I did a vision test were I had no difficulty seeing them......10-15 year before UI was employed in a manufacturing plant that mad color papers and I was very involved in selecting dies based on lab value tio get the shade of color I wanted the pap[er to be. A requirement for this job was to test successfully in the ability to see colors & lightness-brightness of a that why I know I have never had difficulty seeing colors, although in that job I did have many men were disqualified from doing it because they could not see colors...I wasn't.

Thats how I know MS has recently caused me not to be able to see the color recently as 8 months ago and how I also understand the some men are born with an inability tio see colors. Their inability to see colors is a genetic defect on the X chromosome. Men have only 1 X chromosone and 1 Y chromosone.

Woman have 2- 'X' it is more rare for them to be color blind since if 1- X chromone has a genetic defect causing color blindness the other usually doesn't.

Men are more prone to color blindness because they have only 1- X I learned from the men who tested unable to do that job I held. They get that X chromosome from their mom by the way take extra effort to chose your somns clothes, you the part at fault. Of course you gave him life to spo its a trade off :0 "
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Reply #3 - 11/22/09  11:07am
" And your son will not pass a Y chromosome or an X chromosome to your grandchildren. He will not pass the inability to see colors to you future grandsons. If he passes on the X chromsome with the color blindness defect, it is likely that your son's fiance will pass on the second X chromosome with out the color blindness defect.

If you future grandson is color blind it is because of your sons fiance. Are first degree male relatives in her family color blind? "
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Reply #4 - 11/22/09  11:29pm
" I had problems telling the difference between dark shades of brown, navy, green, and black during a bout of optic neuritis which was particularly bad last year. It took a while but I did eventually regain my color vision once the nerve healed. I had another bout of optic neuritis which affected my other eye but less severe and my color vision was not affected. "
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Reply #5 - 11/23/09  9:01am
" I had no idea that MS could cause inability to see colors properly. My son used to jokingly give me grief about how it was all my fault he was color blind since the disorder is passed down from the mother. To my knowledge his fiancee has no relatives who are color blind and my other 2 sons are not color blind, either.

Do you still drive? To my son, green lights are silver and red lights are orange; I think that's what he told me. "
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Reply #6 - 11/23/09  11:01am
" I drive very infrequently, but it hasn't caused any more problems than my already less than optimal vision does. I can see when the traffic lights or tail lights on a car get brighter(light up). In a 3 way traffic light I am able to tell which one is lit, the position tells me if its stop, go or slow down. I had my onset symptom of ON 24 years ago. I wasn't diagnosed until 5 years ago, base on a single MRI, a written report saying extensive white matter damage from MS and a doc that told me I had MS for a long time based upon the MRI....

What I am trying to say is I had MS, my onset symptom was 24 years ago and this is the first time I have had an episode of inability to see colors from it..
I'll wait to see how much steroids resolve it....but I never had an episode of color blindness, 23 years after MS onset. So your 20 years with MS and no color blindness does not say what your MS will do tomorrow. MS Sucks! But an inability to see colors is on of the less traumatic episodes to have...for me its coming with eye pain & a headache. That headache & eye pain is the traumatic part, it makes me irritable., "
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Reply #7 - 11/23/09  11:25am
" My vision was my first symptom of the MS. I was at work and I was looking at a bulletin about 6 foot away, and it was like someone had written the message, then someone came and earased some of it away. That's the best way I can describe it.

Also, stop light colors were very dull looking. I quickly realized that my right eye was most affected. When I'd look only through that eye, there were NO colors to the lights...only gray. night I noticed that with just my right eye, I couldn't even tell cars had their lights on!!!

Thankfully I regained most of that back. "
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Reply #8 - 11/23/09  12:31pm
" I have trouble distinguishing different colors; but, I got them all right. "
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Reply #9 - 11/23/09  4:21pm
" WOW... I really was not able to see anything until I clicked for the answer then I could see it... Hmmm... Will definitely talk with my optho at my appt. in May...

My Mom has always claimed to be colorblind and I know my brother was... Interesting... xo Cj "
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Reply #10 - 11/25/09  8:40am
" I was dealing with symptoms of MS for 20 yrs when I got my first boat of ON..all colors had a muddy color effect & I failed that color/vs numbers chart that my opthamologist showed me.. "

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