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Muscles "DRAWING UP"?????
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I've had several episodes where the left side of my face just starts to feel like the muscles are "drawing up" so to speak...as if something is causing my skin to shrink and it's drawing up the muscles with it (sorry, that's the best way I can think to describe it!) I aslo get a lot of "burning" sensations on my cheeks, esp. the left one.

Another thing that's been happening for several years now, but with more frequency lately, is this...My jaws, on both sides....at the TMJ joint, will start to fill like they are "tightning up" or maybe "drawing up".....so tight that I can't even open my jaws/mouth. It will last for several seconds to several minutes....the time varies. I'm always afraid that my jaws are going to lock up on me!!

Then of course, there was the other night when I experienced violent tremors from head to toe...felt like my WHOLE BODY was "drawing up"...in fact, ,my body kept trying to "draw up" into a fetal position. It was scary!!! It's as though my muscles are having major spasms, (but not as painful as a spasm) or are they just getting rigid/spastic???...would like to know what's causing this??? Anyone else out there experience any of these things??
Posted on 08/24/07, 11:45 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/25/07  2:34am
" I can relate to some of what you are saying in a bit of a different way. I can relate to having the sensation of the limbs and muscles "locking up", or "tightening up", but instead of a feeling of "drawing up", my muscles "want to" twist around inward, like a spiraling rubber band, like curling inward. I get this with both my arms and legs now. I get "burning" sensations, or what I refer to as a "feeling of fire" on both my upper legs and both my upper arms, and put on ice packs on these areas when that sensation is there. What it is, I dont know...and to try to "straighten" out a twisting or curling limb only makes it worse. I have no remedy, just can relate to what you are saying in that way. Sorry to hear this is also a difficulty for you and hope you can feel better soon. Take care and big hugs, Ellen "
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Reply #2 - 08/25/07  8:19am
" I have experienced this drawing up in the face on the same side, my left, but mostly around my left eye. I haven't had that feeling in my jaw, but definately around the eye and socket. I asked my md and he said to let him know if it got worse and that was it. My legs do that and I have to flex them straight out over and over trying to get some relief. I wish I knew what caused the face thing myself so I will be watching this to see if anyone has an answer. Glad you posted this. "
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Reply #3 - 08/25/07  11:03am
" I know what you mean. When I am having my exacerbations it will feel like someone is grabbing my spinal chord and yanking it up right through the top of my head, sort of like a marrionette puppet. And sometimes after it is yanked it is like they let go and it sends an electric shock down my spine. then when it hits the bottom of the spine I will get a major tightening of my whole body which draws me up into a little ball. Then it starts all over again. Since I have been taking copaxone the episodes aren't quite so dramatic anymore. But the whole experience is sure enough to scare you. As I think of it the timing of the whole thing is kind of like having labor pains. When one of those things happen and go away you relax a little but know another one is sure to follow. I try to describe it to the neuro. I think they think I am exagerating. I know I am not. Just want you to know you are not going nuts. I think that the nerves are just highly exposed after being demylenated. They are recieving signals from other nerves that they aren't suppose to recieve from. It is like a short in the system. If you think of a live hot wire that is what is happening inside your body. Hope that puts your mind a little bit at peace even if you have to deal with this. "
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Reply #4 - 08/25/07  2:16pm
" I have had that happen in my left arm and hand. Oh I so can understand the pain and frustration. I am now taking baclofen and that seem to help some. Wish you loads of luck.
Morgaine "
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Reply #5 - 08/26/07  12:36am
" Yes, I can realte to that. I have some brinstem lesions and those spasms were the first symptoms. I have had the locking jaw, the neck and back, stomach spasms and also "wooden legs". I feel like my body is almost twisting to some weird position. There are several muscle relaxers that can be used. I am on Baclofen, but have also been on Klonopin.
I hope you report this to the MDs.

Wanda "
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Reply #6 - 08/26/07  12:34pm
" Yes I also can relate, I have now have had this for the last 6 weeks were my left side of my hand and leg get so tight and cramp up for abouy 1 minute and then relaease and have severe burning on my right side when I have this episode. DR. gave me baclofin and Gabapentin. This has really helped with the spasms and some of the burning but the meds took a couple of weeks to start helping,they are working. Good Luck "
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Reply #7 - 08/27/07  7:15pm
" I also have that sort of problem. I have "spasms" regularly. In my legs mostly.it's like when u stretch yourself but it is involuntary. Especially when i first wake up or try to get up after sitting a long time. I also take baclofen and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. What u described sounds scary,indeed. I hope u do tlk to your dr. Feel better. "
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Reply #8 - 09/06/07  3:01am
" VenusLady, what you described sounds a lot like how they describe Parkinson's Disease; spasticity/dystonia. I've been researching it since my pain specialist has questioned PD for me. Thanks to all of your responses....and have any of you ever been suspected for Parkinson's? ~Tonya "
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Reply #9 - 09/08/07  10:35am
" Last year around december I had a similiar experience. I ended up calling my mom at 1am cuz i was so freaked out. I went to bed as usual, then I felt this surge of electricity in my body. I got out of bed, and then couldn't stop shaking! From there my jaw and throat started to tighten, where I thought I was gonna pass out. I was not nervous or anxious at the time, but my mom felt it was a panic attack. About 30 mins later the episode subsided, but I still felt all tight and stiffened and it took awhile to fall asleep. Not a fun experience at all!! "

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