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Anyone drive w/ numb feet?
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I was just wondering. To not drive is a real bummer.
Posted on 01/13/09, 07:44 am
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Reply #1 - 01/13/09  7:57am
" I have been driving for over 14 years with numb feet. It is rote You know when to put your foot on the gas and brake, instinctive! I even drive a stick. So just do it and be mindful. Good luck. "
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Reply #2 - 01/13/09  8:08am
" I did it for a couple of years but when I started to feel unsure of myself I stopdriving but kepted my lic. in case of emergency "
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Reply #3 - 01/13/09  8:51am
" fortunately it is usually only one foot. my biggest problems are cramping...

so far tho, driving is my only solace....
i have worried about the visual thing. it does send me into panic attacks.

and i flat out ran a red light not too long ago. just have to plan your travels as well as possible and take your time...

be careful...xokatie "
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Reply #4 - 01/13/09  9:39am
" I too have this annoyance. My left leg has turned to crap and I have been thankful it wasn't my right so I could still drive. I guess irony knows no bounds, because now I am unsure ot myself when I drive at times. Kinda scared to leave the house or admit this problem outside of this one forum, so I thank you for giving me a place to voice this problem.

The more fatigued I am the more difficulty driving. I sometimes think my foot is gonna slide of the brake, or I can't apply the right amount of gas when accelerating. So far so good, but only luck goes so far . I even found myself once at a stop sign on a side street with heavy traffic on the main with my foot half on the gas and half on the brake...talk about bad situation. If I moved my foot I was screwed! "
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Reply #5 - 01/13/09  11:03am
" I hear you on the not driving -- it SUCKS!!!!! I am numb from my waist down on both sides.. but the bottom of my feet and my knees feel super tight.. I haven't driven since March. I think that is the worst 'side effect' of MS for me so far. I have tried a couple of times with someone else in the car with me. I agree that it is totally instinct.. but I'm just so worried about other drivers.. and if I will be able to jam on the brakes with a quickness if I need to. Is there someone who can go with you in the car so you can practice and see how it feels for you? "
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Reply #6 - 01/13/09  12:36pm
" I'm not numb, but I no longer can tell when my foot hist the braek or gas pedal reliably. I did try to drive when this was at worst & I did have someone drive with me. I pretty much drove at idle speed with foot on break so I knew I could stop the car if needed. Got honked at a lot because I had my brake lights on all the time and I was driving very slow on a public road.

I didn't drive at all for 3 months. Then I think I was able to feel & find the gas & brake pedal better. So I started to drive just 25 mph to university & store.

I began to trust myself to operate a car. Wouldn't you know, thats when my DL came up for its normal 8 year renewal.Which has to be done in person in this state. I was so visibly unsteady that the DMV didn't trust me to drive. Required i get a doc signature, take the written test & a road test.

They renewed my license with a 2 mile restriction so I could get to the store. Doc office was 3 miles away. It was very frustrating. I observed the restriction & got a total of 3-4 neuro's to write to DMV that I am able to drive & I am able to make rational judgements about risk. They took the restriction off entirely.

But I still drive close to home on known roads mostly 25-30 mph.
I trust I can operate a vehicle safely under those conditions.

Its been abot 5 years since I drove on a highway or freeway over 55mph. 3& 1/2 years ago I drove on a road at 40 mph. I'm thinking in spring after the snow is gone to give a free way a try early in the morning one day. I just started Tysabri, perhaps driving will be easier now?

I read a few posts about the stituation of driving with numb feet. That's not my issue, but a few that do have it said the curled their toes while driving & kept their toes curled & it helped.

Another person said she moved her Drivers seat as close in as possible. While she had feelings in her feet, she could have the drivers seat out mare to where it was comfortable for her husband and operate the pedals with her toes. But since her feet had become numb, that wasn't possible. It helped to have the drivers seat adjusted to the closes level.

I hope some of these ideas help. "
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Reply #7 - 01/13/09  1:22pm
" You can a get left foot pedal for your car and it is not that expensive and is removable. "
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Reply #8 - 01/13/09  1:48pm
" Having hand controls installed in car is only about $200 but it does require a road test in this state to keep DL and then a restriction on license that hand controls are required when driving car, like the glasses restriction. "
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Reply #9 - 01/13/09  2:19pm
" when i had to start lifting my foot from the gas pedal and placing it on the brake i stopped driving.i just felt it was too risky for not only me but other drivers on the road.that was the hardest thing for me being miss independent,but i thought it was the right thing to do.however if there was no other driver on the road,i'd do just fine! "
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Reply #10 - 01/13/09  4:43pm
" i too like tree's post am numb from the waist down and agree with her 100% that with all the things MS can do taking away my ability to drive is the worst. i not only stopped for others safety, but my own. i could never live w/ myself if i maimed or killed someone. but it sure does suck the big one. kelly "

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