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I so appreciate hearing from many of you regarding my questions related to MS. Since being diagnosed, I've noticed that I easily drop things or knock little things over. Initially, I thought that I was just a 'klutz,' but since being diagnosed and noting that this happens more frequently, I am wondering if this is an MS symptom. My left hand seems to be worse for dropping items. I have slight tingling on a continual basis in the fingertips of both hands. I really don't feel any weakness in my hands and I don't realize I am even going to drop something, yet I continue to drop stuff or knock it over.

I am also uneasy on steps; not going up them, but going down. I get a sense (when standing at the top of steps)of feeling very unsafe. I am not comfortable using stools except very low ones. Anyone else experience this?

Posted on 01/13/07, 05:34 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/13/07  5:59pm
" absolutely, Eloise!
my balance is worse, I have to hold on to something to put shoes on - I thought I was just a 'klutz' also, but now I'm realizing that it's the ms causing it - I say gravity is my constant enemy "
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Reply #2 - 01/13/07  7:31pm
" I turned 50 just before my diagnosis and I've always considered myself anything but graceful! I just figured it was my age, I drop my work keys all the time! The other day I had to laugh because I was in my office and put my coat on, having my keys in my hand, flung the keys over my head, went to pick them up off the floor and swung my coat sleeve around and it hit my water on my desk flying the water all over the place. All I could do was laugh and wish someone was there to enjoy it with me, because I'm sure I looked quite comical. Fortunately I don't feel off balance yet but I do drop things too. "
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Reply #3 - 01/13/07  8:31pm
" You're "normal" in this community when it comes to clumsiness and balance! LOL!

When I was newly diagnosed and waiting for my Avonex to come through, I was in the kitchen washing a large glass "canning-type" jar that I had just emptied of flour. Without warning, I dropped it, and of course it shattered in the sink. I burst into tears, as I thought, "My God, my legs are already bad, and now my hands too???"

I'm grateful that my hands aren't affected now. I could never do the creative work that makes my life so interesting and worthwhile! But my legs -- that's another story. I haven't been on a ladder in years, (and I used to swing from them like a monkey when I worked in retail) to say nothing of stools. Steps are precarious for me -- my perception has changed to the point where I feel like I'm falling forward. And escalators? I don't even go there anymore! "
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Reply #4 - 01/13/07  9:39pm
" I have the numbness and constantly drop things i feel like i have a hold on something but end up dropping it.Last week my husband was handing my cell phone and i thought i had a good grip(not)it fell into my glass of water.I have broke so many dishes that i use plastic everything.I know what you mean about steps I have fell down mine a couple of times my feet didn't go where i wanted them to.I have to watch my feet when going up or down steps.I also have balance problems.I think people think i have had one to many.But i don't drink.And like you numbness was my first symptoms. my first neurologist did not help me when I said I was getting number.he told me not to think about it and it would go away,after a month i was numb from head to toe.I found a ms specialist and he agreed to see me the next day.When I went to see him I was there 15min and he sent me to the hospital for mri and then i was started on IV infusion.I got most of my feeling back but my hands which I feel if I would have found my current nero 1st i wouldn't have this problem. TRACI "
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Reply #5 - 01/13/07  9:49pm
" We have white carpet and I dropped my Dr Pepper on it twice...oops! It's all apart of the wonderful disease that we have lol :) "
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Reply #6 - 01/13/07  10:56pm
" I have said for years that I feel like I am in a "constant state of tumble"! At any moment I'm on the verge of falling down, stumbling over something, dropping something, or knocking stuff down. I am not allowed, by good reason, to have sharpened knives or a razor in my possession (my dad's rule since I was a teen way before MS diagnosis), and now I'm not allowed on my step-ladder after missing two steps on my way down. My favorite moment though was trying to put pudding snacks back on the shelf at the market, knocking down a bunch, and the horror of them going SPLAT all over myself and the floor. My toddler was watching with a huge smile, so at least it was amusing to him! "
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Reply #7 - 01/14/07  12:06am
" I get caught out all the time if my brain is still thinking I can move like I used to. Mind you I have always been known as a klutz :)

I have to slow down and concentrate, almost move in slow motion, and even then getting a teaspoon of sugar into a coffee cup will occassionally end up thrown all over the counter..laughter is good then :D "
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Reply #8 - 01/14/07  12:35pm
" I think we are "klutzy" with this aweful, teasing desease. When I first got dignoisedi had a bad fall with my 5month old son in my arms, i was walking with him in my arms to my living room and my legs started feeling like i had no control my feet went under me and all i could do was pull my arms away so I wouldnt land on him and hurt him, he cried, i cried and then he giggled at me and i started to laugh/cry, i was very scared, i dont do dishes anymore i break everything or things are falling like (knives) on my feet ouch!!! i dont cut w/a knife either,(use a safty knife) i use scisors to open packages, it seems like if your stregnth is out of control at times, things go flying trough the air, i also always get food on my shirt and we laugh now to see if Mom can keep her shirt clean its like a contest at times, i use a straw to drinkmy pop because i shake so with my hands when i go to drink a straw was the answer for me.My kids do alot for me, oh stairs i feel ok going up but not down,balance is teerible unsteady grounds, dont get on chairs either, it is hard i feel like a failure at times with the little things i used to do, i played piano, i cant do that either, i found fullfillment w/ it but it is to hard anymore so i listen to piano my daughter plays and my son.Hang in or on (LOL), it is quit normal. "
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Reply #9 - 01/14/07  3:41pm
" Yes, Eloise, I also drop things a lot and sometimes lose my footing especially when getting up from a chair. My hands are also numb and tingling all the time--sometimes they feel like they're on fire! I also have trouble typing on the computer sometimes, and with tying my shoes or anything that requires fine moor skills. So you're not alone. "
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Reply #10 - 01/14/07  9:55pm
" Yes yes yes and yes, in terms of other MS sufferers experiencing all of those. What is happening is that the transmission speed through the MS-affected nerves has been greatly slowed down or interrupted, so instead of a co-ordinated "pick up the glass", your brain is getting something like "there's the glass I see and my hand is somewhere in the area but not quite sure oh there it is but the eye says too far left right or whatever and the fingertips say huh what?...."

Sound about right? "

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