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My 21 year old daughter just called. She is upset that her fingers have been numb since Saturday. Self diagnosing on the internet, the first thing that pops up is MS.

I don't know what to say or tell her. I know she needs to go to work and it is really eating on her. She was crying as we talked.

I can't and don't cry, but I really want to now.
Posted on 12/18/12, 08:00 am
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Reply #11 - 12/19/12  2:29pm
" I know how you feel. My daughter has had numbness too. Of course, the first thing that pops in our mind is MS. You know that there are many things that can cause numbness. My daughter had MRI's and lumbar puncture and it came back fine. I hope she gets an appointment with the doctor soon. Try to explain that it could be some minor something. Try not to worry too much until the doctor looks at her. My prayers are with you and your daughter. "
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Reply #12 - 12/19/12  9:00pm
" My prayers are with you that it is indeed something minor.I do not have a DX, but just finished 20 sessions of OT and have things I do at home.I have regained alot of control in my hands, fingers and arms due to OT with an OT.I have a therapy box at home I made of of uncooked popcorn kernals-the kind you find in a bag at Walmart and use it to run my hands thru and also to pick up small objects.Before OT I had great difficulty typing, writing and was dropping things.Please let us know how she is.Ellen PS My neuro is done with me and me with him-he has no clue what is wrong and I will be cking regarding arthritis, Lupus and Fibro. "
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Reply #13 - 12/27/12  1:40am
" Yep Steve, I feel your pain and anguish as my 12 year old has odd symptoms that don't add up.......... except in my mind they add up to MS. I've always prayed to God to give me the worst, give me every symptom in the book. Take away my mobility, ability to speak, and everything else, but please don't let this awful disease touch my children. Will be praying for both you and your daughter!

Amy "
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Reply #14 - 12/27/12  10:22am
" Steve- just cking to see how your daughter is???? Ellen "
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Reply #15 - 12/30/12  5:52am
" Hi
I understand very well those feelings. Its priceless to have someone that truly understands the fears.

Hope is something else but not worst.

Alma "
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Reply #16 - 12/30/12  9:51am
" Self diagnosing on the internet isn't always accurate. Having her go to a doctor is best because they can do tests to figure out what the issue is. It usually takes a long time to get an MS diagnosis because doctors have to eliminate lots of other conditions that have some of the same symptoms. Numbness suggests that something is going on with her nerves, but it doesn't necessarily mean MS. She should definitely go to a doctor. You both can also read my blog. I just started one to spread information about MS, and there is a good introduction to the disease there. I know it's hard, but try not to jump to conclusions until she sees a physician.

http://www.FreebiesForMSers.org "

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