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Involuntary Frown?
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Just curious if anybody else has experienced this? Last night the corners of my mouth dropped into a frown & the outer corner of my right eye felt like it dropped too. It lasted about 7-10 minutes.

I for a very brief second thought it was a stroke. But it all went away.

Thanks for any input on this one!

Gina :)
Posted on 09/09/10, 09:16 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/09/10  9:24pm
" Gina,

It is best to always let your doc know when something like this happens. I do have things like this, and at one time they were trying to tell me it might be Bell's Palsy, but forget that, it is the MS.

Lupus, Bell's Palsy, Stroke, MS, and a few other things thrown in can cause this and similar symptoms.

So, I would say it probably is your MS, but you never want to miss something by making that assumption. Also, if it has never happened before, you defintely want to let your doc know.

Kind of scary, isn't it? "
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Reply #2 - 09/09/10  9:32pm
" Oh, and in case you haven't ever had some of hte other things in the face, there is the eyelid twitch, the sort of slight nostril flare, and the lip quiver, to name a few. Sometimes I really don't notice until I see the person I am talking to just sort of tryiing not to stare. "
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Reply #3 - 09/09/10  10:03pm
" I have simple partial seizures where the right side of my face drops. But I also have sensory problems during them. I get tingling in my whole right side as well as tightness. Not just in my face. They generaly only last a few minutes but I have had a few last longer. The first time it happened I also thought it was a stroke. Scared the daylights out of me.
I'm by all means not saying that this is what you are experiencing just that they are similiar. I agree you need to let you doc know it is happening and try to keep a record of them.

Nik my right eye spins. And I also don't know until people look funny and sorta shy away. I never knew it until my neighbor saw it and told me. I can only hope it happens during trick or treat. LOL "
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Reply #4 - 09/10/10  6:35am
" I agree this is something worth mentioning to your doctor.

My eyelid droops, just on one side and it lasts for quite a while. This is usually accompanied by vertigo for me. "

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