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mood swings..depressed or going crazy??
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I just want to ask those who have had a miscarriage a question..Did you have really bad mood swings after your D&C or is it just me?
It has been 3 weeks, almost 4 since the D&C.
I am so depressed,then I get really mad at nothing anymore. I know I have other major stresses on me right now, but I just wanted to know if my hormones are stil out of whack. I still haven't started my period yet, and the dr.said it could be 4 to possibly 8 weeks till I do. Anyone else like that?

I just want to thank EVERYONE here on DS too, for being friends with me and it seems that everyone knows what I am going through.
Posted on 03/16/08, 07:58 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Miscarriage. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 03/16/08  8:06pm
" I didn't have a D & C but I had a depression that went through the floor. Not over anything major either. Every day, stupid, little, petty things that would not have gotten to me any other time just had me flying off the handle and screaming like a mad woman. I got really worried when I nearly threw the digital cable remote out the window because I couldn't get it to work. That was never me and it still isn't. Not only were my hormones all over the place but I was also suffering from post partum depression. When I went for my yearly physical I spoke with my OB and he gave me Lexapro and I can't believe the difference that it has made. I still have the feelings and the emotions. I still have bad days and I still have moments when I cry rivers but overall it has helped me to better deal with everything. Which is good because at this point I don't like me without my meds! There is a great site called Born Angels ( and there is a page there dealing with PPD following miscarriage. You're not alone, honey!
Thank you for your friendship as well. It is so important to hold tight to family and friends when you go through something like this and you ladies are both. "
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Reply #2 - 03/16/08  11:43pm
" I've been very angry and depressed alternately for months after each of my m/c's. It is because of all the feelings you naturally had for the baby, I think, more than just because of hormones. I've become very "low threshold" wrt getting angry or impatient, whereas normally I am very tolerant. What helped me is to work through the grief. I started journaling and crying and just thinking about how I felt each day at a specific time, like when I come home from work and my husband is not there yet. I've noticed a big improvement in my mood since. There was just some pent up stuff that had to get out somehow and as long as I was letting it out in a controlled manner it wasn't jumping out by itself through anger or depression. Hope this helps. Hang on! "
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Reply #3 - 03/17/08  1:56pm
" I did not have a D&C but I was moody. I think its grief more than anything, you are angry, sad etc. I could have snapped so often and sometimes I did. "
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Reply #4 - 03/18/08  10:55pm
" OMG, I'm new here, but so glad you posted your experience so I can know I'm not alone. Also, while I do think a lot of it is grief and loss, I think there has got to be hormonal stuff going on too. Someone told me her body knew how long the pregnancy would have lasted and I agree. I just hit what would have been my baby's due date, which has been another round of devestating feelings. I am going to look at the link for and the PPD after miscarriage. I had to go off my antidepressants during the pregnancy and my doc didn't want me to go back on, but now I wish I would have argued. I'm going back on them now, and I think I tried to cope too long. "
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Reply #5 - 03/19/08  12:34am
" I just had a d&c 4 days ago and I'm very depressed but anything could set me either to start crying or screaming. "
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Reply #6 - 03/19/08  1:35pm
" YES!!! I didn't have a D&C, everything just happened naturally. But my moods have been swinging like crazy. I can be FINE one minute, and angry to the point of yelling the next. I have no patience or tolerance for things that never used to bother me. My hubby will find me crying at times over things that just shouldn't make me cry. And so horribly depressed at times. I know this is all normal, from hormones and grief. But it doesn't make it easier to deal with. I just trust and pray that it will get better. "
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Reply #7 - 03/19/08  1:38pm
" i didn't have a d&c but i do know that having all those pregnancy hormones all of a sudden come out of you can wreak havoc with your moods, hence the mood swings and depression. "
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Reply #8 - 03/19/08  3:14pm
" I had a D&C after my baby died at 13 weeks. That was approximately 3 weeks ago. I have not gone a day without either being depressed or angry at the world. I think they are normal feelings to the grief you are feeling, not to mention a drop in your hormone levels. I am starting a mind/body approach to healing so I can get through this time naturally. My doctor has offered to give me anti-depressants but I want to try to conceive as soon as my RE gives me the go ahead. "

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