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percocet for migraines. Help me
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Ive tried a ton on meds and as of 1/1/09 we do not have insurance until my hsbands company picks up another carrier. I have found that percocet really helps with my migraines. my doc is (obviously) reluctant to prescribe them to me because of possible addiction. Is there any resources I can use to show her that Percocet is effective on migraines, until we can get new insurance?
i need to be functional for my children, and going with a 5/325 tab of perc ( 2 tabs for a dose) which is a low dose helps. I want her to trust me an not worry about addiction, so I want to go to her informed until we get new ins.
Posted on 01/14/09, 01:42 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Migraine Headaches. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 01/14/09  1:56pm
" Percocet does work for me too. My doc is also reluctant, but I figure, if he is reluctant there must be a good reason. Besides, percocoet just masks the pain anyway, im looking for something to eliminate it. "
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Reply #2 - 01/14/09  2:04pm
" Oh, I completely agree that I want to eliminate it, but for the time being, it is was Iknw works until new ins kicks in. I cannot afford to get to my neuro until then "
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Reply #3 - 01/16/09  9:14pm
" I have to take morphine and methadose for my migraines because I took imitrex and had a heart attack. I cannot have any of the new drugs that are so helpful for migraines so I am stuck with narcotics. Have you spoken with your doctor and just explained your situation. It will not be forever and if you have a Neurologist who is treating your migraines, I don't see why he wouldn't let you take a low dose for a small amount of time. Yes, you will probably have to wean yourself off by taking smaller doses over a period of time but if your migraines are like mine, the pain outweighs the thought of addiction. "
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Reply #4 - 01/17/09  10:08am
" I just finished a Migraine attack this last hour, and my vision is mostly back, but hopefully this may help and not have too many typos:

Here where I live in TX, pain management is required if you take any narcotic, opiate or barbiturate of any kind for any reason, for longer than 30 days.

What my PM Specialist told me is that physicians (be it a GP or even a Neurologist) do not like to prescribe these types of drugs long term for headaches because they require increased doses in order to maintain the pain relief. That is what causes their concern for addiction. Pain medications are only to be a final resort when all other possible treatments have failed. This is also because they cause rebound headaches.

He also told me that the drug I take (Actiq, a candy type losenge of Fentanyl Citrate that is absorbed via the cheeks instead of a pill you swallow) does NOT require increased doses to work. BUT, it's very expensive. With insurance, because we have not met our deductible yet, my last prescription (generic) cost me something around $250 for a 30 count box. The brand is much more. I can't imagine what it costs without insurance.

Nevertheless IT WORKS and if pills make you sick during a migraine, then Actiq is the best and the fastest acting out there. The tiny dosage of only 200mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) is all that is required to do the job.

I highly suggest seeking out a Pain Management Specialist if your doctor is hesitant. Their sole purpose is to manage your pain in whatever way is best for you and permitted by law. NO doctor I ever saw out here would even whisper the word "Actiq" or "Fentanyl."

Even trying to explain that 15 years of pain medications has me much too tolerant for Vicodin or Percocet, + the pills make me sick - just never sinks in for them.

If you have a Pain Management Specialist that you see regularly to manage your pain, then your GP won't have to worry about prescribing anything for you, or being responsible if you have any "problems." The PM Specialist will carry the burden on that one.

I've had my PM Specialist for 2 years now and I have to be evaluated by a Psychologist once per year to make sure I haven't developed an "addictive personality." And I have to see the PM Specialist once per month for each follow up and refill.

I wish a PM Specialist was required in every state. I think it would make it much easier to get the relief from true pain that is a patient's right.

Good luck. Hope that helps. "
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Reply #5 - 01/17/09  7:12pm
" I know Percocet for me always made me sick to my tummy.And with my migraine I always get sick to my tummy. So it has made it hard to find any med that will stay down. But I know it has helped alot of people with thier migraines.The doctors here are the same way when it comes to prescribing any form of pain medication. I have had to go to pain clinics and even Physic doctors to prove I wasn't addicted to the pain meds.But since I have done this my doctor has seemed alot more relaxed about prescribing me the meds I am now on. I take Esgic Plus here at home, and if the migraine gets out of control I have my own prescription on nubain and phenegan at my doctors office. Or if it is a weekend and his office is closed I can go to the clinic here and get the same thing. But I had to jump through a lot of hoops to gain my doctors trust.And they do monitor how many of the Esgic Plus I go through each month. And they do this at my request.I have had these migraines for so long an addiction was a concern for me as well. I wish there was something I could take that I wasn't allergic to or the side effets weren't so bad that it effected me in a way I couldn't function.I really hope that you find that one thing that is just right for you and helps eliminate the Monster migraines once and for all!!! "
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Reply #6 - 01/17/09  10:09pm
" I also HaVe a PM speCialisT. He oversees all of my meds and the amount that I take. I get all my pain medication through him-he is my Neurologist, but he is also the head of the Pain Clinic. You are right about going through hell before you are really thought of as a pain sufferer and not a drug seeker. I have been taking meds for my headache for over 20 years. I have always been told that fentanyl was 100 times stronger than morphine. I had it in a patch once but it didn"t really work as well for me as the combination of the morphine and methadose. I just hate so much that I'm dependant on narcotics to function; however, I am grateful that there is something that will relieve the pain cause I just couldn't live with it. I can't take the pain. I have hypertension and CAD and the migraines make my blood pressure go sky high. "
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Reply #7 - 01/18/09  9:05am
" Taking 2, 5/325's is a low dose. My doctor gives me a bunch of meds to deal with my pain and situation. I have a fentanyl patch, fioricet with codeine and 30 mg oxycodone (which is the "5" in the 5/325 of your percocets. I get 180 of the 30 mg oxycodone pills a month. You don't take a lot of meds. When you get insurance, seek the treatment of a pain management center or a neurologist to prescribe the meds you need. It seems that you are aware of the possibilities of being addicted. Keep it that way. I have pain on a daily basis since March 2, 2006. It all started from a minor concussion. Now I have daily pain and a Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, a MTBI. Good luck to you and take as little pain meds as possible. "
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Reply #8 - 01/19/09  2:40am
" Ok, this is rather simple. It is a fact that Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morophine and is therefore the strongest pain medication/opiate made. The patch is not something I like. I don't like the effectiveness of extended releases. I use the ACTIQ 1600mcg. If you are going to vomit, take it out of your mouth, vomit & put it back in. You lost no medication. With pills, vomitting presents problems, as you never know how much entered your system. Also, Actiq is almost immediate into the system, like an injection. Therefore you can make your dose exact to your needs. True it is expensive, but it is the best. I will also be honest enough to say that, after I have fought a migraine, I love the smooth & euphoric buzz I get from Actiq (better than anything else) My doctor gives me 250 of the 1600mcg (highest strength) lollipops per month. But, my insurance only covers 90 per month. So, I can either pay cash for some or all of the others, or not pick them up from the pharmacy. Unfortunately, the extra cash ones almost always all go to waste. But, i can't afford $60 - $65 per unit.

I hate seeing them go to waste. But, such is life. My vote goes to Actiq! "
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Reply #9 - 01/23/09  9:35am
" Percocet is a very mild narcotic in the sceme of pain meds. Some of the ones that "Kazual" mentioned are much stronger...some are 6 times sronger to give you an idea. The one I take also is about 6 times the dose. ....(hydrocodone or norco). Thing is Percocet is very well known for making people sick or vomit cause of it's ballance of narc and tylenol. I get sick on most of those related to it. Like I said this is sooo common.

Thing is with any of these pain killers they cause rebound migraines so they are just covering up the pain you have and are NOT aborting your migraine and yes...they are causing more after a period of time. So...they are making a bad situation worse over time. I am not saying they aren't good for those people who have no other option or for breakthrough pain. I obviouly need narcs for that and have no option at times cause of the vomiting but please please be cautious about using them too much cause don't be fooled that they are getting rid of your migraine. They aren't . K?

I do hope that you are able to find relief from an abortive and not a pain med. Hope you are seeing a neurologist and not a PCP as well...that will help you TONS.
my best- opy "
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Reply #10 - 01/23/09  10:58am
" If doctors are reluctant then doctors are reluctant. Part of that is not a trust issue with you, or an addiction issue, but the fact that the DEA has stringent control. If they decide that any doctor has prescribed "too much" (even if that doctor is in pain management and all they do is treat pain) they will pull the DEA license of the doctor and investigate them. Sometimes putting them in jail.

There is no reason your PM should be shy to try triptans. Preventatives, I can fully understand a PM not prescribing. But triptans are something that are easy for a doctor to try (and yes, if you have potential heart issues, you should not take them), as well as Midrin, Migranal, etc,,,

Here is a post with an article on how addiction to pain medication is actually blown way out of proportion. And there have been studies to show that pain medications react different on people who actually have pain vs people who do not have pain and are looking for a high.

For some people, not all, but some - narcotics becomes the only option. When you're at the point where they want to put the stimulator in...there needs to be some leeway with pain control.

Anyway, here is the article (and I am not suggesting you show this to your doctor, because doctors tend to take that kind of thing badly) "

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