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Benedryl and compazine
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I was talking with a friend on another list and she was telling me about her daughter who has terrible migraines.

They had to take her to the emergency room with a migraine when they were out of state visiting friends. In the ER they gave her daughter an IV drip of Benedryl and Compazine. It got rid of her migraine within minutes. The ER staff said that that was their protocol with migraines now. They practically didn't use anything else.

She asked if it worked orally and they said they figured it should. Well, they tried it orally at home, and yet it worked.

Has anyone else heard of this - or tried it?
Posted on 08/10/07, 12:39 am
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Reply #1 - 08/10/07  3:55pm
" I have never heard of this. Benadryl is used for allergies, etc. Compazine is used for nausea, period. I can't understand how this would work, but if it does, Kudos! "
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Reply #2 - 08/10/07  6:21pm
" I had that mix with toradol mixed in.Didn't work for me ER doc said it was their new protocol too.I told em I had it before and it didn't work he didn't listen so I spent 5 hours in there and they finally gave me the dilotted phenagren and benedryl combo I usually get.
Glad that combo works for some people tho.Hopefully they will offer both or more options to differant people.So everyone can get relief.
I always use benadryl with my meds at home it dose help it work the hospital here has been using it for a while.They use it in combo with alot of migraine meds. "
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Reply #3 - 08/10/07  7:31pm
" I've never had the two alone. I had them in combo with Toradol, and it worked. Fortunately I have only been to the ER once for migraines and hope I never return to experiment further. I'm glad it works for your daughter. "
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Reply #4 - 08/12/07  11:31am
" I use COmpazine in pill form alone and it works for me. IN fact, it's really the only abortive that works for me! "
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Reply #5 - 08/12/07  10:41pm
" I guess I am confused, if benadryl is for allergies mostly, I thought, and compazine is for nausea? How does this work as a migraine aborter??? I am somewhat dense when it comes to all of the medications to treat medications? help me out here please. thanks. "
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Reply #6 - 08/12/07  10:42pm
" sorry, to treat migraines, I mean. "
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Reply #7 - 08/12/07  10:48pm
" I was told that it like some other meds can be used for other things than it was ment to treat.Benadryl is supposed to work in combination with other meds to help migrain.I am not totaly sure how it dose this, but it dose seem to work.I have seen it comboed with several differant meds to relive migrain now.
Benadryl has also been used for years in nursing homes as sleeping pills and in the main ingrediant in unisom sleep aid.( the generic benadryl ) "
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Reply #8 - 08/13/07  11:18am
" That makes sense to me; plenty of migraines, mine included, are triggered in part by allergies. I have gotten rid of a migraine with oral Benadryl more than once. "
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Reply #9 - 08/30/07  2:15pm
" I was given benedryl with phenergan or zofran once, they tried to jazz it all up using the generic name which is Diphenhydramine and they kept saying how this was the best way they have found in the ED to treat them, well all it did was make me tired so they ended up having to give me something else anyways... its too bad I am going to nursing school and know the generic names.. I asked the nurse what it was called when she was giving it to me and I was pissed. I am totally up for trying new things, but benadryl makes me feel horrible. I get anxious and jittery... So it didn't work for me, but awesome if it did for your friend "
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Reply #10 - 08/30/07  4:07pm
" I can understand the compazine would work for the nausea since that goes hand in hand with a migraine, but benadyl? That sounds crazy to me. I take Phenergan when I get nausea with my migraines. "

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