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I use cafergot for my migraines but it has been taken of the market...does anyone know if there is a med close to this????Advise would be great.
Posted on 10/27/09, 06:09 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Migraine Headaches. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 10/28/09  7:05am
" Ergotamine is an ergopeptine and part of the ergot family of alkaloids, info which I found on the Wikipedia website. Your medicine is an ergot (from plant fungus) that constricts the blood vessels, mixed with caffeine. Almost all migraine meds are vasoconstrictors, but most of the ergot based ones are off the market. I have just gotten a prescription for Migranal, which is one of the very few ergot-based meds left on the market. It also has caffeine and seems to be very similar to your cafergot in composition.

I usually just do one of the triptan vasoconstrictors and I haven't used Migranal yet. I have it for times when I have a large number of migraines and the doctor starts worrying about rebound headaches. The idea is to switch meds and avoid the possibility of taking too much of the triptan and getting into a rebound situation. My doctor knows all the tricks, it seems. I have a lot of experience in migraines built up also. "
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Reply #2 - 10/28/09  9:46pm
" My doctor just gave me a presciption for ergotamine tartrate caffeiene, is this the same meds that you are taking about? i have migraines and she alos gave me Maxalt-MLT. But she said take the maxalt first to see if that works. if it dont work then start taking the ergotamine tartrate. I am a little "
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Reply #3 - 11/01/09  4:18am
" I think it is still available in australia: I took it for 2 years - the only trouble was that I'm allergic to yeasts & fungii - so the medication was effective, but I'd just get another one because the allergy produced a rebound effect. I was then put on Pethidine injection if I had several in a row (which made me sleep for about 16 hrs. - then I'd be fine again - however that was taken off the Nat. Pharmaceutical Scheme. I'm now on Sandomigran - I have not been able to find it in the US Pharma - so suspect it is not available: it is a preventative which works for abouty 70% of migrainers (luckily it works for me) - its generic name is Pizotifen: it has no side effects on me (amazingly!) It may be available in Canada (I know some people who travel over the border to get things not available in the US). Hope this helps JaneD. "

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