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does this stuff ever really go away?
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I was diagnosed back in 2005 with MRSA. At first I did not know what the stuff was. I went to urgent care and the dr on call said I just had a staff infection, put me on some antibiotics and sent me home. I went away for the weekend and when I got home this stuff was worse and I had one in a not so wonderful location. I went to my gyn except my regular one was off so his partner helped me, and I use the term "helped me" loosly. He took a swab and kept me on the anti biotic I was taking and told me to return in a week and to use anti bacterial soaps until then. This stuff went crazy on my body, but I kept on keepin' on. When I returned to the gyn he showed told me the test results showed I should be on a different kind of antibiotic, but told me to just continue taking what I was taking. I questioned his reasoning, especially since the paperwork said I should be on something totally different, but he would not prescribe what was on the paperwork.I went home, I felt like I was dying within a few days.I decided to go to my family dr. of 30+ years. He took one look at the paper work, told me the good news was the "dirt cheap" antibiotics was the prescribed medication, but he told me to go home and make sure I had someone with me, and go look up MRSA. I did not have a clue! When I realized that first dr. almost killed me I was pissed! BTW, he never did send me a bill...go figure. I do not remember the name of the antibiotic, all I know is within a month I was not suffering with anymore sores. My dr. said I was on the other side of the illness, but I am wondering, does this stuff ever really go away? I know I experience issues with my skin now that I never did before, like eczema, alot of hives, and the hives drive me crazy with itching! Anyway, what do you all believe? Do you believe this stuff ever really goes away, and if so, does anyone else suffer side effects from it?
Posted on 01/27/10, 11:25 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/28/10  10:14am
" My husband battled boils for almost a year. Has not had one since last April BUT has all kinds of skin rashes and itches. Doctors claim it is not from MRSA but I don't believe it as have heard of so many people having these problems after they are supposedly mrsa free. "
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Reply #2 - 01/28/10  7:00pm
" 28 months into it, and I still have skin problems. No active wound for 2 months though. That's good. Whether it will ever go completely away is still up in the air. "
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Reply #3 - 03/02/10  11:58pm
" I agree about the skin rashes and itching . it happens to me , "
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Reply #4 - 03/22/10  7:49pm
" I believe that you can be cured from MRSA proper, but MRSA tends o leave one's immune system damaged...the longterm side effects of extended heavy duty antibotic treatments is one of the main culprits, in addition to the MRSA bacteria's decemating one's immune system. I haven't had MRSA in well over a year now, over ayear and a half actualy..but yes, skin problems occured durign and after MRSA that I never experienced prior to MRSA, such as: psrosias and candida. Candida has been chronic and a huge pain in the a@@, chest, neck, back, et al....Aparently, months on bactrim, and other antibotics caused this chronic condition..I avoid sugar, processed foods, white flours, and a yeast like the plaque..and man, it really has helped signifigantly with improvign my skin problems... the warm and humid weather is another skin enemy...but to reiterate, since aquirign CA-MRSA back in June of's been one skin problem after just wears me out at times, physicaly ad psychologicaly, but.....I am gratefull to be rid of the MRSA boils, carbuncles, etc.... It is interestign and abit comforting to know that I amn ot alone with post-MRSA /antibotic skin dermetologist treats me like I am insane with my huntches...such as swearign that prior to MRSA my skin was fine, he says almost everyone says the same thign about all types of skin ailments, blowing me off about it..I know my body and I understand my health....MRSA cupuled with extended antiotic treatments causes these skin ailments, unless you have some form of autoimmune dissorder prior to aquirign MRSA, believe you me, MRSA is the main culprit involved with your chronic skin ailments...just terrific, a lifetime of this crap. "
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Reply #5 - 04/14/10  6:37pm
" I was diagnosed with MRSA about 4 years ago... It wasn't until about two years ago that I started suffering with reoccurring skin irritations.... Rashes, hives, bleeding... Constant itching. My last rash was about a month ago and it got so bad that I couldn't leave the house. At that time, my dermo informed me that I would likely always suffer from these types of skin irritations as a result of the MRSA... He told me that MRSA never really leaves the system. My family doctor did not tell me this... he, like myself, thought the rashes and itching were from stress. However, after reading the comments on this site... I believe the dermo is 100% accurate! "
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Reply #6 - 04/25/10  4:25pm
" I'm new to MRSA but it surely sounds like what I have. I was diagnosed with lymphadenopathy, and dermatitis/eczema.
The abcesses accured after eating crawfish at someones house.
No antibiotics helped, they only worsened the situation. I have very small pimples in different places and sometimes very large abcesses. Large or small they appear anywhere they please. I have started working out and that helps the dermatitis. I was so toxic 2 years ago I couldn't sweat and would have itch attacks that would drive some suicidal. I've had 15 large abcesses on my body at one time. I had a 3"x 1"x1" abcess above my spinal cord that completely disorientated my system. I had the surgery and then staff set in a month later on my birthday. No hot showers that spreds the infection. Buffer pH < helped me to detoxify in 2 weeks and I'm 85% better. "
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Reply #7 - 05/12/10  5:33pm
" My dd was also diagnosed in 2005 at 23 days old and has had as few minor flare ups since (once on her cheek and another time on her back). According to her ped, it never really leaves ones system and alomst anything can trigger it; also it can make your immune system very weak. In my daughters case, she has suffered penumonia as many times as "normal" children get colds, has ear infections almost every month and bruises very easily. "
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Reply #8 - 06/20/10  6:48pm
" I think it is important to know what you are dealing with, bacteria or yeast. After my 3rd time on antibiotics I had a bad break out on my face. I tried combating it with antibacterial remedies, this made it worse. I was able to clear it up with a Ph gel. Good and bad bacteria keep yeast under control, it is a balancing act. Garlic pills with stabilized allicin are great at keeping MRSA at bay, but too much and it's a Candida after party. I haven't gotten to the root of why heat causes pimples but my latest tactic is to sweat and shower, rather than always protect myself from the heat I have been pushing it, hoping to sweat the bad stuff out. We will see how this works out. I have also been taking a lot of Probiotics in hopes of over-populating good bacteria and kicking out the bad. "
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Reply #9 - 07/05/10  10:10pm
" It went away for me, I use to get at least 3 or 4 abscesses a year, sometimes more. But I have not had one in over a year. But who knows, it's different for everyone. Wash your hands a lot and be careful if you have an itch not to break the skin because a lot of the times I would get them places I had itched and broke the skin even a little. "
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Reply #10 - 07/21/10  5:13pm
" Then that must be what my spot is. You are all talking about skin issues. I woke up one day in April and had a spot on my leg. It is now the end of July and it is still there and has gotten bigger and discolored over the past 3 months. They thought it was vascular, then they thought it was Lyme Disease or Ring Worm. It's been 3 months and has only gotten bigger. It dosen't hurt but it will get itchy at times. Great... more fustration :( "

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