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Perimenopause and internal tremors
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After spending the last six months of my life thinking I was dying of some mysterious disease I learned that the " internal" tremors I was feeling were actually due to estrogen deficiency
and simply part of my perimenopause. In Jan 2009 I began to suffer severe heartburn, panic attacks, insomia, sweats etc. One day I thought I was having a heart attack and began a long journey of trying to figure out what was wrong in my body. I saw my cardiologist who luckily has known me for ten years ( he is also my family doctor) and he ran an ekg, an eco, a stress test, a 24 hour holter monitor ( all normal) to convince me I was suffering from severe anxiety.
About the same time I decided to remove my much diseased gallbladder ( four years) which now had a rock garden of gallstones. I had an indept adominal sonogram which revealed ONLY gallbladder disease and in April 2009 had it removed. I seemed to recuperate quite well for about a month and my panic attacks lessened so my doctor assumed they were because of the stomach issues my gallbladder had been causing.
I also went to see a GI doc to make sure nothing else was brewing inside me. I had an endoscopy ( only revealing a sluggish stomach). I went to see two gyn's other than my regular gyn for a second and third opinion.
I had another abdominal sono and a transvaginal sono. Both were fine except for a minor cyst on the right ovary. My menstrual cycle had been hellish since I turned 45. I would get my period on and off and at times bleed for two weeks straight. I kept asking if it was perimenopause and every doctor told me I was too young at 45. All this time my panic attacks became frequent again so my family doctor prescribed CYMBALTA. I had a horrid reaction and spent three days in and out of the ER with super high blood pressure and a rapid heart beat ( both of which I never had before) until an Indian female doctor in the last ER visit told me she thought it was menopause and gave me compazine to quiet down my queasy stomach and it seemed to stop all the crazy sensations I was feeling. I will never forget those three days. My body felt as if I was literally burning interally and I could feel a horrible pulsating in my head, neck and through my body as if I had swallowed a cell phone on vibrate. It was non stop and I thought I would go crazy.
After three days on the compazine ( I hate taking prescription drugs) I felt normal again so I stopped taking them. My family doc suggested Lexapro which I had taken years ago for a few months to just keep me calmer and boy was that another mistake. I again began feeling the burning sensation in the back of my neck, in my arms, on my thighs. I felt as if I was sunburned and I wanted to rip my clothing off. I did not understand and neither did my doc since I had taken it before.
I endured another few weeks of hell. The constant vibration inside of me would not let me sleep. I had massive headaches, neckpain and I was going nuts. I went to see a neurologist/psych who ran a few tests. MRA of brain, MRI of neck, EMG, EEG and gave me Klonopin and VOLTRAN gel for inflammation , none of which I took. I went to see another NEURO and took aLLLLLLLL my extensive bloodwork, testing etc copies with me. He ordered an MRI of my brain and another MRI of my neck with contrast. I was begining to feel like a human guinea pig. He discovered a small lesion in my cervical spine and some herniations from a bad car accident 10 years ago. No brain tumor or whatever other disease I thought I had. I went to see an ENDO who ran tons of blood work on me. Thyroid included. He ran tons of hormonal test, adrenal glands etc. He humored me and tested for diseases i had researched online. All were normal. My thyroid was a bit up and my blood sugar was a tad low but my hormones showed I was perimenopausal. He told me to get some good black cohash and basically endure it. All the time I kept telling all these doctors I was TREMBLING, VIBRATING INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!! All were clueless.
All the illnesses that would signify any form of trembling sensation ( inner) had been ruled out. So I came home time and time again very sad. Happy that I did not have a dreadful disease but still without an answer. I did not know which was worse.
I did online research for hours at night, I could not sleep since sleep meant to tremble till I was too exhausted to stay up any longer. I sat there with my coffee and dunkin donuts and read and read and read.
One night I went to bed and my husband who was lying beside me asked me " if i was cold?" I said " NO why?" and he asked " why was I shivering?" I jumped for joy. I was not shivering I WAS TREMBLING SO LOUD HE FELT IT! FINALLY HE FELT IT. I WAS NOT CRAZY, I HAD A WITNESS TO MY VIBRATING!!!!!!!!!!
In all my searching I came across a woman who also trembled/vibrated etc. I looked up her posting on and learned it was a symptom of the onset of menopause. All my life I had heard of hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, dryness etc. but NEVER of trembles, heart palps etc. Even most of my friends thought I was crazy when I asked if they ever felt what I was feeling. FINALLY others who were just like me "living vibrators" ...........
So what did I do? I read and read and read and I eliminated that nightly coffee and those munchkins and alot of sugar and chocolate from my daily night and I am begining to see the change. I still get heart palps and tremble but not to the extreme I use to. They seem to be calming down. I had purchased CALTRATE D and SLOW MAG and now I am in search of Black Cohash and I guess everyone is different because different things work for different women but I am finding relief. Had I listened to most of these doctors I would have been on elavil and vicodin and all sorts of meds by now. I must say I keep my xanax bottle handy. I only took it twice since prescribed in Feb but it makes me feel secure to know its in my pocket book should I need it. When my heart races at 120 while I am still in bed I do take an INDERAL 5mg which helps ( cardiologist prescribed) but only once in a blue. When my physical feelings get the best of me I drop what I am doing and take a drive or take a walk and relax and it goes away. I am grateful for the nights I do sleep. I do have some really vivid dreams ( with no meds) and I am learning what to eat and what to avoid, again different for every woman.
Most of all I am happy that I am not crazy or dying or all the other things I originally thought and I embrace my fellow tremblers and hope as some have said " this too shall pass " as the body shifts into menopause.
I still have days i wish I could " turn the batteries off" on my trembling but I have more good days than bad after making diet changes.
My kids and husband have learned to adapt to the new mommmy. I have 7 children ages 10 to 30 and I tell my younger ones at home that since they have an older mommy ( 47) I am going through older mommy things........They are just happy Mom is not really sick as we originally thought.
As for hormone therapy. My mother in law who had no history of breast cancer in her family and did take hormone therapy has advised me NOT to. Just live with is like she said! She lost a breast a few years ago.
So any fellow " thumpers" as my husband calls my vibrating. Feel free to contact me. YOU are NOT crazy and you are NOT alone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 07/27/09, 12:31 am
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Reply #1 - 07/28/09  11:55pm
" Thanks for taking the time ti write this, I'm sure it took awhile and since I am just starting this hell ride every bit of info helps...hugs, V "
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Reply #2 - 07/31/09  1:37pm
" At least it feels good to vent here!

I have had hellaish signs of premenopause for 2 yrs only to be told I was too young! And given antidepressants and anxiety meds to shut me up!

Then went to another doc and they asked me a lot of embarrassing questions as do you sleep, around, do drugs, have you been arrested here lately, do you drive fast (all these sort of stupid questions!!!) Which I answered NO to! Had no idea where MR.DOCTOR man was going with all of this, he says let's put you on lamictol and see if it helps your depression and anxiety it is hard to make a diagnosed but, this could help! He was incenuating bipolar but he knew it didn't fit- but cared to go no further ! I was stupid enough to try it! I was desperate! After 2 other Dr laughing at my stupid questions of could it be menopause?? And them smiling no- no - no!
Now I am getting off of this medication slowly, I just hope it isn't too hard to get off of them and that they have done no damage.
So now with a new Dr who is expensive but, knows her stuff! I am in premenopause and have hypothyroidism and adrenaline fatigue. Finally answers!

Just because you are in your thirties it doesn't mean it is too soon for this to happen...I can happen, you just need to not trust every doc you see and go with your gut feeling. Don't just take any medication they think you might need.

What makes me feel better is our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers all went thou this and came out ok and so will we. And we don't have to suffer as they did there is more knowledge and information and hormone replacement.

Peace "
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Reply #3 - 07/31/09  1:43pm
" Forgot to add I am 34 years old and my Mother was 42 when she went thou it. "
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Reply #4 - 07/19/10  4:41pm
" Oh my God, you are describing me to a T! I too have the trembling, the skin burning, but on top of it I have horrible Myclonus jerking at night and muscle fasiculations. I have been to every doctor under the sun and they too wanted me on every drug they could think of, but had and have no clue what is wrong with me. The neurologist said that he feels I have MS that has not shown up on the MRI yet. Well, I have had five MRI's in the last 4 years and would think it would be very ODD to not have lesions after all this time. I asked my OBGYN about these symptoms and the possibility of perimenopause. She blew me off and said, "If you are still having periods there is no point in testing your horomone because the results will be inconclusive, and besides you are only 41." She said NONE of my symptoms are related to peri-menopause. Hhhhmmm, well tell that to the hundreds of other women I have read about who have the very same symptoms! Sometimes I wonder where the doctors get their license...from a cracker jack box?
The thing that has helped me is progesterone cream and L-Theanine. It takes the tremors away almost 100%, but some days are worse than others. The symptoms that is freaking me out is at night the jerking is horrible and so is the "power surges" I have that start in my chest and upper shoulders and GUSH down threw my arms. The neuro wants to go an EMG to rule out some other disease, but he mentioned this can be an early sign of Parkinsons. The only thing the doctor has really done for me is scare the hell out of me!
The thing that makes me question my symptoms is the fact that I can go a few months and be fine and then wham, I have another few months of being in misery! That is the part that makes me question perimenopause as the culprit, but the alternatives really freak me out! "
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Reply #5 - 07/19/10  6:25pm
" I am 45 and have had the same symptoms for about 3 years. MD says I'm too young for menopause symptoms too. My question is what to do about it. My MD sez I have fibromyalgia and I keep telling him it is hormone related. I started taking 0.5 mcg of levothyroxine and I can at least stay awake all day! It is the first in a long string of things that has helped a little! I also take Xanax and Lexapro for anxiety and mood swings. About a week before "it" arrives I start getting hot flashes, irritable, achy, and just plain miserable. About 2 days into "it" the symptoms start to abate and then it starts all over again a few weeks later. My cycles are out of wack too! Sometimes I barely bleed and other times I gush. I want off this roller coaster! Considering going to OB for hysto but not sure how much it will help. "
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Reply #6 - 07/20/10  11:15pm
" OMG! I thought I was going crazy and thought I was the only one "buzzing". I've felt like this for more than a year. I thought it was my bad knees (arthritis runs in the family) or I was cutting off my circulation to my legs (but then the buzzing started in other body parts). I now have the "sunburned" feeling and its been slowly creeping from my chest (two weeks ago) to my waist and thighs right now. My doctors think I'm too young, but I haven't had a period in 42 days and I just had my first night sweat, too. My mother was only 32 when menopause hit her. Guess early menopause runs in the family, too. Thanks for your post. "
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Reply #7 - 07/21/10  11:53am
" Thank YOU so much for sharing this i'm 53 and have the internal shakes bad I thought i was having a seizure and I am not epileptic !

I did stopp all caffeine and picked up on and magnesium and oh what a big big differences ! Take 500 of calcium at night the citrate calcium plus it helps with the sleeping big time! The vivid dreams I have are horrible it wakes me up in a panic anxiety i either thing i broke a rib or collapse my lungs the way the breathing gets from them.
I'm going though this ALL NATURAL but I can tell you theres time I felt like I WOULD TAKE ANYTHING IF THE SYMPTOMS WOULD JUST GO AWAY! Again thanks for taking time out to share your knowledge it helps us other women out a lot ! "
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Reply #8 - 08/07/10  2:10pm
" Boy, I think we are just going to have to deal with all of these symptoms for now until the end of time. For the last two weeks, I have been having tingling in my legs from my thighs to the bottom of the feet. Now my neck, shoulders and arms are doing the same. I read that there may be a deficiency of Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, B12 and other vitamins that are needed. I started taking Calcium/Vitamin D twice a day. I have a doctors appt on Monday. I been seeing my OB recently have hormone levels checked again, ultrasound and Ca-145 (ultrasound showed two cysts on right ovary and fibroid uterus) CA-125 negative. Repeat ultrasound in two weeks. This tingling thing is scaring me. All of this started four years ago, with er visits, neurologist (see my profile). Sometimes you just feel like putting your head in the oven and calling it a day. "
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Reply #9 - 08/12/10  3:20am
" I also had this buzzing sensation in my ears, arms and legs. I take Busspar and Paxil and they have decreased significantly. I still get anxiety and have "chills", and my arms feel funny. Like you, I have had all kinds of tests run and everything comes back negative. "
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Reply #10 - 08/13/10  6:02pm
" I get the shaking inside feeling too. Much worse when I need to eat. I have an herbal supplement that helps calm me down. As far as all these doctors who are telling these women they are too young to be going through peri, I think they should go on this website and see all the age ranges of all the women with the same complaints related to perimenopause! I think it would be an eye opener to all these doctors who think we are all just crazy hypochondriacs. Hugs to all my sisters sharing this crazy ride. "

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