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56, and periods restarted after 6 month gap
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I'm 56, blood tests show I'm menopausal, and yet after six months period free, have now had two heave periods a month apart, has anyone else experienced similar. If I were younger would probably have thought it normal, but how late can menopause go on to? I've no idea.
Posted on 08/20/08, 01:55 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/20/08  9:03pm
" I am 51 almost 52 and have had no period for 8 mos and then wham there it was again for two and that was in May, since then no more. Will see for how long this time. "
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Reply #2 - 08/23/08  1:16pm
" Well at least we are not alone. After 6 months wham there it was again. I only hoped it would not be a bad period. I can sort of deal with the hot flashes and other symptoms but the surprise periods really throw me off. I wish they would stop already. "
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Reply #3 - 08/23/08  11:16pm
" Ask your gyn but the standard of care at that point (6 months period free at your age...then a period) would be to do an endometrial biopsy to ensure nothing sinister is going on.
Dr O. "
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Reply #4 - 08/24/08  5:55pm
" I'm the same way, (52 now) didn't have any period for 10 months (?) and then wham 2 mos. in a row & they were pretty much like back in the old days. I also have an older sister who didn't have menopause until age 57. "
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Reply #5 - 08/24/08  9:16pm
" I am now 54. I had about a 2 month break with no periods this year and thought it was the end. Then I had a period for the entire month of June. My gyn told me that she has a few paitnts in their late 50's who still get periods. She said there menopause seemed alot easier as far as symptoms go. good luck to ya "
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Reply #6 - 08/25/08  12:15pm
" thanks for the advice, I think I will try and get checked out for peace of mind. I don't know whether there could be any genetic link from my father's mother? but I do know she had cancer of the uterus and died aged 45 as a result of, which is probably why it is playing on my mind. Lelajane, what you said was interesting because I do seem not (touch wood) to be getting too many symptoms, other than the spasmodic periods. I do get night sweats and flashes, but not too often, and quite light by comparison with others in this group. I do wear a magnet (magnopulse) that was recommended to me by a couple of friends that believe it can relieve symptoms, and maybe that is the reason. "
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Reply #7 - 08/25/08  5:36pm
" It does sound like you are in the midst of menopause. You'll know you are menopausal after one full year with no periods. The symptoms can actually go on for many years from peri through menopause with your period fluctuation off and on. Stress can play a big part on this also and if you've been around very close women friends of yours that are also on their period and you guys have spent a couple of days together, you too can start yours - even if you've just finished.

Be well, Bobbi "

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