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does meno make you stupid?
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Oh ladies. I had an awful day. I felt confused and messed up at work because of it. To top it off Sunday I had faxed a proposal along with a cover letter and price list to a potential customer for my husbands' business; it was to a lucrative account that we can really use...I got an email that said she couldn't find the price for services- could I point it out or send it? I opened the attachment and 2 pages were missing. I didn't proof my scan and it whisked 2 (!) pages through without scanning them. :( Now I feel like "you never have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression". SIGH. What's wrong with me.
It's so depressing.
Posted on 01/30/12, 09:53 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/30/12  10:07pm
" Oh you are being too hard on yourself, ThinksRA... Things like this often make us feel really inept, but when those things happen to me, I just shake my head and realize it's part of the "brain fog" that I pray will lift soon. Maybe you could just fax her the info again and apologize for the mishap... afterall, everybody does things like that every now and then, and who knows, she may have had a few menopausal moments herself and completely understand...LOL. "
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Reply #2 - 01/30/12  10:18pm
" Rosa- you always make me feel so good! I did exactly what you suggested, I just don't know what age this woman is and whether she will understand.

I just get so mad at myself! I hate making mistakes and as of late it seems to be happening more often than I can stand! "
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Reply #3 - 01/30/12  10:43pm
" oh, yea, I do sooo many stupid things while operating under the influence of brain fog, I sometimes worry myself... as if I needed to add to the anxiety. One thing I do alot is bump into things... like I am more clumsy than ever. I had a huge bruise on my arm, and really can't remember how I did it, although I THINK I hit it on the car door. When I went to the dr. the other day, the nurse commented on it, and when I told her I thought I hit it on the car door but I really couldn't remember, I worried that she would think I was covering up a domestic incident. (Oh my poor hubby). But I bang around things in this clutziness and can't remember what I did. Go into the laundry room and forget why I went it there, misplace things ALOT, etc. I get concerned about doing something really dangerous, like leaving my stove on or something. It's very maddening :( "
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Reply #4 - 01/30/12  11:49pm
" Yes. "
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Reply #5 - 01/30/12  11:52pm
" Double yes on the bumping into things and mystery bruises!! And yeah, bruises always raise eybrows at the doctors' office! Good thing for some women, at least someone is checking and asking questions.
I am self-employed, which is a mixed blessing. My clients must think I'm nutz!!!! "
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Reply #6 - 01/31/12  12:12pm
" Please dont be so hard on yourself. Its lack of hormones that creates this problem. It is brain fog and normal. My sister was at lunch with me at a restaurant. We were sitting up by the front windows and she walked to a totally different booth not by the windows and realized it and felt stupid. I drop things, forget what I walked into a room for, mix up my words, and make mistakes. Just last night I was supposed to take up the cats food and water by midnight due to having a teeth cleaning today and being under anesthesia and forgot to. Actually there are pretty funny stories in my family because not only am I in menopause, 3 other sisters are as well. We are a hoot! Take it easy and hang in there! Judy "
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Reply #7 - 01/31/12  7:54pm
" RA: We were forgetful when we were young too, we just think we weren't LOL....I recall studying like crazy for a test, then blanking out when getting the exam, knowing full well I did know the info....then it would come back to me as I calmed down....

I think we have such busy lives, such symptoms that bother us, and people that need us....no wonder we get distracted and just....make mistakes!

It is just normal at any time of life. These hormonal issues make everything seem larger than life....I am sure you are very intelligent and competent...and that's final!! LOL...DaisyC "
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Reply #8 - 02/09/12  4:34pm
" I totally relate and the worst thing is that I have to look for a job during all this. Imagine me on an interview? I had a major mental block on one a few months back...................knew I wasn't getting that job. asn't meant to be , I guess........................... "
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Reply #9 - 02/09/12  5:03pm
" Hang in there Nancy. I'll be losing my job in a year also. The interviewer may think the lapse was just nerves and everyone gets them during interviews. If you don't get the job, your absolutely right it wasn't meant to be. Move on and some lucky person will hire you and and realize how lucky they are they hired you!!! If I could figure out to send you a hug on this site, I'd send you one. Big squeeze!!!! "
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Reply #10 - 02/10/12  4:18pm
" Oh yes. It makes me stupid. More than stupid, it makes me STOOPID which is stupid squared. Hmmm, in the last few days. I have 1) tried to make a picture of tea, boiled the water but forgot to put the tea bags in. 2.) Meant to put gas in the car. forgot. finally did. 3) Some more, but I can't remember them now. See? All I can remember is walking down the hall here at work saying "I'm sorry. so sorry. I forgot".

Don't feel bad, okay? We are all in the same boat. It's taking on water, but she's sound and she won't sink. : ) "

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