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Postmeningitis Headache
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I have just formed a new group for those suffering from post-meningitis
headaches. I personally have this condition and have not found anything
specific for it, so I decided to dedicate a new group for it. If you
have chronic headaches associated with meningitis, please feel free to
check out this group for resources, info, and support:


Best regards,
Posted on 10/10/07, 06:15 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Meningitis. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

You may also create your own Member Groups where you can moderate the discussion.
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Reply #1 - 12/24/07  5:25pm
" I, too, am having crippling post-viral meningitis headaches. I have tried everything to alleviate/prevent them to no avail. I would appreciate any advice, websites, etc that you have to offer. "
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Reply #2 - 02/21/08  10:32pm
" Hi! I had viral meningitis twice (I hope I never get it again) and I have had horrible, debilitating migraines ever since. The migraines go all the way through my brain and down my spine, and it will hurt to move. Meningitis sucks! It triggered a latent autoimmune disorder, so I have been a complete mess after meningitis. I feel your pain, and hope all of us get better! "
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Reply #3 - 02/22/08  2:47am
" Sorry to hear about bouts and onoing problems. I just started on a trial with Lyrica. Not sure what you've tried. Hang in there and know you are not alone in this battle. Yes, it does SUCK but life must go on! "
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Reply #4 - 06/26/08  5:02pm
" I'm having headaches, but not migraines, mostly maybe a 4-6 on the pain scale located in the middle of my forehead. I think reading and computer use aren't helping on the other hand I have to make a living.

Do all of you have migraines?
I had meningitis caused by mycoplasma, which normally causes walking pneumonia. "
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Reply #5 - 07/07/08  11:45am
" had bactieral type b a long time ago and still get headaches often said i could drill a hole in my head. I didnt know you could get treatment but the NHS here in England lost my notes years ago. Sorry i have no helpful advice but i do sympathise and it doe's get a bit easier to live with in time good luck. "
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Reply #6 - 08/10/08  6:59am
" Hello, all. My wife was diagnosed with viral meningitis about 3 weeks
ago. Since then, she has had 2 very severe headaches, each occurring
about 7 days apart. The first occurred about 10 days after she was
released from the hospital where she was treated for the meningitis.
We went back to the ER and they just gave her a steroid taper and some
pain meds. The second about 7 days after that. The headaches
accompanied with vomiting.

I feel helpless in not knowing what to do. After some research on the
web I realized that post-meningitis headaches are not that uncommon.
Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you. "
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Reply #7 - 09/16/08  7:37pm
" I seriously thought I was going crazy. I am so happy to know it's not just me but this is happening to more people. I have no idea why or how I got the meningitis in the first place but after 8 days in isolation and ICU, I have headaches all the time. The doc said they might last a couple of weeks or so but I'm almost 2 months out from the hospital stay and I still have problems. One thing the neurologist said to try was lots of caffeine. That seems to help sometimes. I'm so glad this is not just me. "
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Reply #8 - 09/17/08  3:01am
" Hi there, I'm not sure if you all saw my original message, but I started another group on Yahoo that has loads of info re:treatments, medications, research, etc. Please go to:

Best regards,
Laura "
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Reply #9 - 09/26/08  10:07am
" I was rushed into hospital on 23 August where I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Prior to that I'd had a tooth abscess and coldsore - not sure if either of those are linked to it. I stayed in hospital for 5 days and was eventually discharged. I have been given no prescribed drugs since leaving hospital but told to rest. Currently signed off work until 3 October. When I first came out of hospital, I was tired and had double vision, lack of co-ordination etc. but no headache. However, for the last 2 weeks I've had a permanent headache. I wouldn't class it as a migraine or chronic, it's actually quite mild, but it's there all the time. Definitely worsened by computer use or watching TV. The pain centres around my right eye and I find that wearing a patch over that eye helps. I am hopeful that it will eventually go but worry that I may be left with a permanent headache. I will keep you posted of any further advice I receive from the doc or progress I make. "
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Reply #10 - 01/03/09  4:02am
" While I applude your action using yahoo you need to moderate your group to keep the junkies out those are the ones posting ads in your board "

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