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I have had MD several years now but of lately I have been getting the dizzy spells more often mostly in the afternoons , Usually it comes on by just standing up or bending over and coming back up ,

Dose any one think I need to see my DR again , As from what I read in the other post that this is common, but not for me until now . Am also thinking the heat has a lot to do with it been in the 90+ here and I work outside some of the time .
I need to last another year at work before I can retire They know my hearing problem but not my dizzy spells

Usually a nap will help the dizzy s but taking one at work is not a good idea ,
Posted on 07/07/11, 06:58 pm
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Reply #1 - 07/08/11  9:02am
" Hi my friend my circumstances are that i have not been "officially" diagnosed with MD as yet and i am awaiting to see ENT specialist. I have had symtoms of ear fullness tinnitus and hear loss for slightly over one year but in the last three months i have developed this awful vertigo the worst attack for me being last monday morning when i woke up having one which lasted three hours with severe vomiting. I cant be sure of any relation to anything external causing dizziness ie heat / bending over i think from what i am reading on this site its expected at some point. I think it may be better for you to see your doc as he could prescribe some medication to help you with the dizzy spells if not too severe.
Good luck anyway buddy.
Debz "
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Reply #2 - 07/08/11  6:10pm
" Deb been taking meds for years but they seem to be not working very well now , going to see the Dr on Tuesday thanks "
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Reply #3 - 07/08/11  11:12pm
" Hello fish
I have recently getting more dizzy than normal, my doctor finally decided to take me off alot of my medication since most of them have side effect such as dizziness. It took me almost a month to even remotly get my balance back. I have started taking ginger and it seems to be helping. I have a appt with a neurologist and a MRI scheduled. My job doesnt know about my M either. I just tell them its a side effect of me comeing off my medication "
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Reply #4 - 07/09/11  12:56pm
" What you are explaining is very typical of MD. Over time it does seem to change and different syptoms come and go. I have to stay out of the hot sun as it can be a trigger for me. Getting too hot from overwork will set me off as well. Bending over for sure is very trying in itself. The severe vomiting is common too while having a bad attack. I have vomitted for up to six hours. Serc helps for vertigo of you can get it in time. I found that if the attack comes on hard and strong nothing helps. Try to get some graval supositories for vomiting. "
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Reply #5 - 07/09/11  6:30pm
" I've had little success with most regular meds but found Vinpocetine, that can be bought in a health food/supplement store. It's an extract from the Periwinkle plant. I tried Serc which is man made and it didn't work but Vinpo helped me for several years. It works the same way as Serc by improving the blood flow to the inner ear and other areas of the body that have very small blood vessels. It can reduce your blood platelet count so have your GP check your blood frequently to make sure that your count doesn't drop too much. I would check mine 2-3 times a year.
Best of luck,
M "
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Reply #6 - 07/12/11  12:41pm
" Saw the Dr today and thinks my recent attacks were du to my increase of Caffeine . I recently started drinking Ice tea from the fountain at 7-11 .

Friday he is going to inject my ear with some steroids of some kind says it should help for a good while, we shall see how that works for my dizziness "
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Reply #7 - 07/14/11  6:45pm
" Decided to cancel the injection for now I have read too many negative reviews on it And have to go to Richmond on Saturday. Got a call into the DR to discus his success rate on this .

I am too the point in my life I no longer trust Dr's as they are all business men and are more concerned in getting your money then curing you .

My friend at work's wife is a nurse and also advised against it going to call her later to discus this "
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Reply #8 - 07/15/11  11:06am
" Hello Friend,
In your last post you said you had started drinking tea. Rule of thumb with Meniere's, Low sodium diet, NO caffine at all, No chocolates, no proccessed foods, everything as fresh as you can, no sugar alterntives, such as equal, or diet sodas (ect). Remember that foods like tomatoes sauces have sodium, just read your labels and you will be surprised how many foods have high counts of sodium. Check with your doctor to confirm this. Just things I have learned along the way with years and years of research on MD. Hope this helps!
God Bless "
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Reply #9 - 07/15/11  11:23pm
" Thanks catalinav Being diabetic it is hard not to drink Diet drinks and that was what I was doing was diet tea, , Well caffeine is gone now I'm doing better working on the salt too, but that also has been an issue too with high blood pressure so I have been avoiding it but not as much as I should ,

It's a shame that all that you enjoy in life is bad for you LOL "

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