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How Can I Get Some Help? Site Statu... 
Posted by TeamDS TeamDS 03/30/12
An Introduction to the Community 
Posted by TeamDS TeamDS 03/05/10

Topics Replies Last Post
0 By carlyj1202
DS is not DS anymore 
13 By janntheresa
Stepping down 
1 By Jesse TeamDS
Strong medicines 
2 By survivor301
9 By carlyj1202
DS on my new phone 
3 By immarcie
12 By immarcie
Curious. Hate Windows 8? 
5 By BrokenGeo
Question about Rules of the Road 
7 By MyTrueColors
Members who aren't (?) members. 
12 By WanderingVet Community Leader
Weird question about DS glitches 
3 By immarcie
TeamDS//// Friend???? 
4 By WanderingVet Community Leader
Where did everyone go? 
13 By carlyj1202
Protection for teens 
8 By rmb
journals deleted 
4 By trisha9054

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Welcome! This community exists for DailyStrength members to have a place to share thoughts and feedback about the site with the folks that run DailyStrength. DailyStrength team members will regularly visit this community, sharing new product ideas, seeking feedback and beta testers, and most importantly, listening to you. Come join us!

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It appears all was not well with the procedure done on Joan Rivers that eventually led to her death two weeks ago. An ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding her cardiac arrest during a vocal cord procedure has revealed several irregularities that may have contributed to the fatal complication. Apparently the procedure was ... Read More »
Mankind has had pets for tens of thousands of years. While we're not sure when the first human adopted his or her first pet, we know that the bond between human and animal goes back to ancient times. Don't forget to participate in Pet Appreciation Month on DailyStrength! ... Read More »
My kids are still a bit young to have a Facebook page (according to our house rules) but my husband and I are already trying to convey the message that what you post on any social networking site will live on and could do so in infamy if it is something you are less than proud of. The ultimate message is this: it is better to be safe than sorry ... Read More »

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