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Burning ..pins and needles feeling...what is this
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is the lyme or is this menopause???very very uncomfortable and painful..burning inside my body and most times fingers ice cold...but last 3 days...ive had pins and needles feelings in my hands and now my hands feel like they are on fire..and skin feels strange and flushed...and face and neck feel the same..and like surge thru my body and vibrating and humming and buzzing..i took an herb called artemisinin 3 days ago...but just one and none since..would this be die off from lyme...or could this be hot flashed from menopause..im 50 years old..but i ve got so many symtpoms..
these new symtpoms im talking about are almost all the time...is this normal...what do yall think it is...would it be from the doxy....just dont knwo its so painful..i cant even wash my hands the water stings real bad..help if you can....please..Have a blessed Easter my friends..Love Cynthia.
Posted on 04/03/10, 07:56 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/03/10  8:02pm
" also forgot to mention...have the burning feeling in my head too...cant even brush my hair or scratch my head cause it feels like its sunburned all over and its not...dont understand this..tingling and burning and pins and needles feeling...cant wash my hands because they burn so bad
but just a little red...like flushing... "
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Reply #2 - 04/03/10  8:05pm
" also if i scratch any area on my skin it makes me get chills like if you have a bad sunburn... "
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Reply #3 - 04/03/10  8:26pm
" Sounds to me like a lyme die off turning to toxins in your system. Unfortunately that is what we must go through to get better. I had a hysterectomy at 32 and hot flashes din't tingle or burn, but when I herx it does. Did your doctor explain to you that you will have to get sick again to get better?? Meaning that when we take meds that kills off the spirochettes and that trns to toxins in our system. Saying that then we have all of these weird symptoms. Alot can be quite scary and painfull.
I too have been on Artemisisn and had a big die off. It does take awhile to get use to the fact that we have to experience pain and uncomfortable things to get better. Everyone is different and it all depends on how long you have had it and if you have any coinfections. If you have any concerns I would talk them over with your doctor. I hope that you get to feeling better soon :) "
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Reply #4 - 04/04/10  7:40pm
" the burning continues its like a constant sunburn with chills...or flu with fever and chills..and skin is flushed all over body...constant..what is this....hurts so bad...burns so svere...i cant even wash or do soak...im worried..what is going on...is this normal for lyme..also i feel like im being stuck with pins and needles all over..very painful..please let me know whats going on... "
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Reply #5 - 04/04/10  8:03pm
" i cant even run water over my skin or it feels like pins and needles are sticking me...hurts so bad...what is wrong with my skin...is the lyme die off..flushing and red all over and burning is the lyme die off or related to the doxy maybe side effect..but been on doxy for a while now..dont understand this..so painful..want to shower but cant cause it hurts my skin to touch water
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
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Reply #6 - 04/05/10  12:40pm
" burning real bad in body still is this normal...cant even touch skin it hurts so bad...
please help..is it the doxy or is it die off...suffering...im worried..skin hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!flushing all over...but not a sunburn but feels like it.. "
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Reply #7 - 04/05/10  12:48pm
" if anything cold touches my hands it feels like pins and needles sticking them...my circulation feels weird..all over...and my fingers are always ice cold...and my body feels like its burning...its a nightmare...help help...skin hurts severely... "

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