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Loss of Appetite
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Hi Everyone
I have an extreme loss of appetite, and am loosing weight quickly. I have lost probably 30 lbs or so, which for me is not good. I started off around 180 and Im now somewhere around 150, although Im not sure exactly, Im afraid to get on the scale.
So I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on increasing my appetite, to keep from loosing weight, maybe even put some back on. I feel like Im getting real skinny, where even people I work with have noticed. They are not aware of my Lyme.
Thanks, All.
Posted on 12/10/09, 07:35 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Lyme Disease. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 12/10/09  8:50am
" I have had to make a conscious effort to remind myself to eat because there have been time my appetite was real low. Does eating make you sick, or do you just forget to eat? You need to mention this to your LLMD first of all, as it could be a side effect of a med they need to know about. Otherwise, set a reminder on your cell if you have one to remind you to eat. Your body needs good food to maintain it's ability to fight this disease. You need to fuel it. Focus on foods that serve a lot of purposes; yogurt smoothies w/regular unsweetened yogurt... add stevia for sweetening and blueberries. you will get a lot of bang for that one! Probiotics! Antioxidents frm the berries. Add soy milk instead of milk and you get the added protein and soy goodies. If you are eating infrequently make each morsel count. Good luck... you'll find a routine... this has happened to a lot of us.

Oh... rapid weight drop can be related to candida... also can be related to thyroid. "
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Reply #2 - 12/10/09  10:33am
" For healing your body needs a lot of protein and vitamin C.

Are you getting enough water? At least 2L - 3L per day. "
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Reply #3 - 12/10/09  11:16am
" My body goes through phases. Sometimes I don't get the "I'm hungry" message from my body,. and I'd go all day if I didn't have designated mealtimes or someone reminding me it was time to eat. I lost 15 pounds. Then suddenly I got into a phase where I was ALWAYS hungry, and I gained all the weight back. Now I fluctuate from day to day. Sometimes I'm nauseous. My doctor told me that if I can't eat that I should at least drink lots of gatorade. It's got calories and electrolytes and stuff or something.

I also have cravings sometimes when I do get hungry. My family kept telling me to just eat it... I went from eating fast food every few months to at least once a week. I know that's not good for me, but I can't cook for myself anymore and I can barely handle food shopping. At least I'm eating, right?

I schedule myself mealtimes and eat SOMETHING at regular intervals, hungry or not. I eat breakfast before work, a snack at 10, lunch around noon, a snack around 3:30, and dinner around 6 unless I skipped my snack at 3:30 and ate dinner at 5 instead. I'm flexible if I choose to eat with others, but this way I'm getting enough food to fight the infection this way "
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Reply #4 - 12/10/09  12:34pm
" SUAD, Gatorade does have electrolytes in it, but also LOTS of sugar, so you might want to watch that, especially related to yeast. You can google sports drink recipes online and find some that are low in sugar. They aren't hard to make at all. "
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Reply #5 - 12/10/09  12:57pm
" The doctor said I have to take some kind of probiotic when my IV therapy starts. I'm not currently taking anything, so I'm not at risk for yeast right now, and the sugars are sometimes the only calories I get if I'm nauseous. I guess it's not good advice for people who ARE on antibiotics though... didn't think that through. Thanks :) "
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Reply #6 - 12/12/09  3:58pm
" SUAD; I hear you on the yeast. Anyone can be at risk of yeast though... and the thing that knocked ME off sugar is when I learned that spirochetes LOVE it... they thrive in that sweet environment and all i had to do was think of happy schetes and I said "no friggin way am I feeding YOU guys...." And it works most of the time. There is a water called "smart water" that has electrolytes... kind of expensive but walmart used to carry it for only a dollar for a big bottle... not sure if they still do. The sugar is NOT your friend but the schetes sure love it. there's my 2 cents.... "

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