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Long Distance Relationships (LDR) Information

Long Distance Relationships (LDR) are defined as any relationship where distance is a significant factor. Whether you live a couple hours away or a couple continents away, the specific challenges that face a long distance relationship are unique and difficult. This community is a place where you can share your long distance challenges and triumphs, vent, brag about your long distance love, give long distance tips and ideas, or just get support from people like you who are going through the same thing.

Share your tips on how to make long distance relationships work. Many people, in their time apart from their loved one, seek a community to get advice and support to get through the difficult communication issues that arise and just for the company through the loneliness.

How to survive a long distance relationship is different for every couple, and at times it seems very lonely and even against common sense. However, many people are living proof that long distance relationships do last, and the added challenge just makes the reward of success all the more satisfying.

Many questions come up about how often to communicate in a long distance relationship, or whether or not the other person seems to be drifting or fading away. Both sides need to make the same level of effort to keep the relationship going, and sometimes that involves a level of sacrifice to prioritize the relationship over more immediate gratification.

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Many of our adult problems come from the fact that our parents weren't emotional with us as kids. Successful relationships require that we peel back this frustration and don't hide from the intimacy that we may sometimes fear. To do so and communicate more effectively on big issues, make an appointment (it ensures they're ready for you). After ... Read More »
Posted in Physical & Emot... by Sharecare on Mar 06, 2014
Abuse is a term used to describe the mistreatment of a person. A person can be abused by another person physically or emotionally. It is important to note that the victims do not cause the abuse. Abusers are responsible for their actions, even if they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. However, these substances may make the abuse ... Read More »
Distance relationships can be a challenge. Whether the distance in the relationship is the result of two people living far apart from one another from the very beginning, or a result of a job relocation or physical move for other reasons, keeping the romance and fulfillment of the relationship requires understanding, compromise, and good ... Read More »

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