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Just had Intacs on 11/17/11
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I just had intacs surgery in my right eye on 11/17. I only felt sight discomfort a couple days after the surgery and by the third day all was fine. I can tell that I can see a little better in that eye but it is still blurry. I go back for the month after follow up on 12/19 and I have already scheduled an appointment with my other Dr. to fit for contact lenses. My thought is that the reason for the surgery was to make my eye more contact lens tolerant. Therefore, I want to find out if it work sooner rather than later. I will update this board with more of my experience after these next follow ups or if I see any material change to my vision. I am hopeful this works and will share with everyone my journey in an effort to help others. I would appreciate to hear from others on their experience with intacs or additional solutions or mitigation. Bye for now
Posted on 11/30/11, 05:22 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/19/12  1:53pm
" hi im due to have intacs but dont know what to expect.i have had corneal graft in other eye but could you share with me your experience on the intacs and have you had cross linking as i am due to have that done at same time "
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Reply #2 - 06/05/14  12:38pm
" Hi there, so I'm new to this forum and saw that you added a note, 2011 that you had intacs - since then how's it going? I had them put in my right eye in 2012 and most recently having problems with pain in my eye. The journey through intacs was long for sure, took a good year for me to finally get used to it with the new contacts etc., just now feeling pain - almost 2 years later. Can you share your journey?

Thanks, "

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