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hi everybody

i got diagnosed with keratoconus earlier this year and i have been using rgp lenses since then. my keratoconus was a side-effect of my lasik surgery. i had a very high degree of myopia (-8 and -10) and although the doctors performed lasik, now i realized that my cornea was apparently not thick enough.

i have adapted to my new rgp lenses for kertoconus quite well and they have given me almost 20/20 vision (from 20/200). however i get the feeling that my two eyes have been "fixed" individually. what i mean to say is that my eyesight with each eye individually is much better than both combined. i seem to have different focal points for each eye. i think because of that my one eye has also become smaller. one day i was looking at myself in the mirror and got freaked out by how small my left eye was. then i went back and looked at some of my old photographs to see how far back this went and i noticed that the size has reduced since i started wearing my rgp lenses. i know this may sound a little strange, but i am really worried about this. has anybody else heard or experienced something like this?

any insight into this will be really helpful.
Posted on 07/24/11, 03:06 pm
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