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Why can't I eat soup anymore???
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I used to be able to eat soup and now it makes me sick. Chicken soup used to always make me feel better when I was sick, now it causes my illness, it makes no sense. I had some stomach bug at Christmas '08 and it caused me to have the worst IBS flare I've ever had. After that, a lot of foods I used to be able to eat began triggering my IBS symptoms. I was a big fan of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, but now it is a trigger, could it be that there's MSG in the soup and that's why it is a trigger. Chinese food is also a trigger, so that is another reason I think that it is the MSG in the Campbell's soups. Also I can eat Swanson's Chicken broth without problems and they always have ads and labels that make it clear there's no MSG in their soups. I really miss being able to eat soup and the way it always was so soothing to my stomach. I have other foods that are my go to stomach soothing foods now, but I still miss soup. It really sucks that I had to give up so many foods and there are a lot of things I miss eating. I have found vegan foods to be particularly easy to eat and to substitute for those things I can't have anymore. I have found vegan waffles, french toast, pancakes, and cookies. I have also found soy and rice milk ice cream to take the place of regular ice cream that I can't have anymore. There's even a soy version of my favorite flavor, blue moon. I just wish I could find a way to get soup. Maybe I can use the broth that I can eat and add like noodles and stuff to it to get a sort of soup. Any ideas on what I can sub for soup that is similar to it would be appreciated. Sorry for the long whiny rant.
Posted on 05/01/10, 01:53 am
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Reply #1 - 05/01/10  8:49pm
" I found salt to be a trigger for my IBS before I cured it. Try replacing with potassium salt for a while and see if it helps. Sodium/Postassium balance is important for digestion and blood pressure too. You can make your own soup with fresh vegetables gently stir fried in grape seed oil. Add water, apple cider vinegar and spices that you can eat. "
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Reply #2 - 05/02/10  7:23am
" I also had a stomach infection a while back and after that my IBS became more sensitive to certain things. I have tried ruling out different groups of food for weeks at a time, and I have realised that it is the foods with a high glycemic index that trigger my symptoms. White bread, white pasta/noodles, potatoes - you name it!

Every time I give in and think I can manage a small amount, I get gurgling sounds in my stomach, horrible bloating and eventually, yes you know...

The fact that you can eat the chicken broth without problems, while the chicken soup with noodles triggers your IBS, could be an indication that you cannot tolerate the high GI foods well.

Try to substitute these foods with wholegrain or multigrain foods, and see if it improves you symptoms. I also have PCOS and am therefore eating more or less like a diabetic hence avoiding all high GI foods, and it has improved my IBS dramatically.

I hope you will your way to an improved life with IBS.

Mia "
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Reply #3 - 05/04/10  8:27am
" I also have problems with MSG in canned soup. My solution - use Swanson's broth (no MSG, as you've discovered), add fresh skinless chicken and veggies, and use rice pasta instead of wheat pasta. Cook the rice pasta separately, but don't let it cook too long or becomes mushy. I make enough soup for several meals and add the pasta for each serving as I need it. I wish there was a method like this for dairy-free creamy soups too. "
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Reply #4 - 05/07/10  3:35pm
" Are you eating your hot soup with cold drink? I hear that the contrast of the two temperatures can cause IBS problems. "
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Reply #5 - 05/07/10  6:58pm
" Canned soups, even the "Healthy Choice" variety, have HUGE amounts of sodium in them and if I want soup, I simply make a huge batch by skinless chicken, tons of broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc--all very high fiber veggies, and even if you have to go to WHOLE FOODS, get a pasta/noodle that is also high in fiber and works for your IBS. Wheat happens to not be a bane to my IBS so use wheat pasta and wild grained rice, so save from fruit, you have a completely balanced meal that you can freeze portions and by the way, I have never been a salt-eater and if you go onto, there you will find many different kinds of salts and sea salts rather than the standard grocery store salt. I must add on a different subject that my G.I. Specialist informed me that all, ALL the artificial sweeteners have a tendency to cause diarrhea to IBSers and if buying Stevia, READ INGREDIENTS because there's a lot of different Co,'s making Stevia sweetener that have added chemiclas that, you guessed it--are bad for us. Basically, ANY sweetener or ingredient in them that has an ingredient that ends in "OSE", e.g., sucralose, etc. is literally 'crappy' (sorry, could not resist) for us. DARK HONEY is the best sweetener for us and only use it in TEPID tea because heat kills very important enzymes in darker-the-better-honey, which are VERY good, as good as probiotics, for our guts. Hope this helps someone. It DOES cost a bit more to eat in a way that somewhat controls our IBS, but sure is worth it if you want to live your life.
Peace! "
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Reply #6 - 05/18/10  2:17am
" I have found some soups I can eat. I had to read labels like crazy and search the store but I found a couple that I can eat. I found this organic brand, Muir Glen, that has no MSG, no dairy, no antibiotics and no hormones, and I can tolerate it well. I also found a Progresso chicken noodle that has no MSG added and no dairy, so I am very happy now. With the Muir Glen soup, I found I can even tolerate the vegetable soup. I never thought I would be able to handle vegetable soup again, because of the tomato paste that's in it, and because I didn't think I'd find one that didn't have milk products added to it for texture or something. I also think that scratch made soups will be something I can tolerate. I am noticing more and more that foods made fresh and from scratch are better on my stomach than the processed stuff that comes in boxes and cans. I find that if I must have canned or boxed food that the fewer ingredients it has, the better my stomach handles it. I used to be so scared to try new foods, and now I seem to be trying something new at least once a week. The more things I try without getting sick, the easier it is to try more things. It builds my confidence. Salt is not a trigger for my symptoms, but additives and preservatives seem to be. I am now sure that MSG was the issue in the Cambell's canned soups. Also as I said, there's usually milk products in canned soups, too. But even the ones that don't have added dairy tend to have added MSG. I am very glad I discovered the organic food and vegan food sections of the store, as there are many things there that I can eat that I wouldn't otherwise be able to eat. "
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Reply #7 - 05/30/10  5:15pm
" honey- are you talking about homemade- made from total scratch chicken soup?
or a can of preservatives, salt, sugar and chemicals?

good riddance to it- reason why you cant take it anymore is because its been contriibuting factor to you gut problems probably "
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Reply #8 - 06/05/10  12:42pm
" I was trying to eat a can full of chemicals and preservatives, but I now know that that more ingredients listed on a label the worse my stomach will handle the product and the fewer ingredients listed the better it is for me. I also know that homemade is best and will be handled the easiest. I just didn't know how to make chicken soup from scratch and the can was just easier, it still is easier. I am figuring things out, slowly but surely. "

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