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Tramadol and Occasional Wine
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I have been taking about 2 50 mg of ultram for the past two years and I still have flares and pain, but if I stop taking it my migranes come back. between the ic and the migranes I am a slave to it though it isn't perfect. Problem is, I also take elavil, only 5 mg at night. I would like to be able to have a beer or a glass of wine once and awhole but I have had to go without for 2 years because the one time I tried a beer with it I had a bad reaction.
I'm scared to try again but I would like to be able to live a normal social life.
Do other people dring a few glasses of wine or beer while taking this with no problem? Of course I wouldn't drive..I'm just scared I will od or something
Posted on 06/25/08, 08:08 pm
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Reply #1 - 06/27/08  3:25pm
" My doctor and I had a discussion the other day about tramadol he is if you take it consistently and not as needed when you get off of it you will have severe headaches and nausea thats why your migraines come back. He said there is no way to stop it from doing that. I also take elavil and visteril at night and he told me I could have the occasional glass of wine, but I wouldn't drink with the tramadol it will increase the effects of the alcohol. Hope this helps. "
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Reply #2 - 06/30/08  5:36pm
" I LOVE to have a glass of wine every once in awhile but since being diagniosed with IC I cant have it it causes major flare ups The only things I can drink are bottled water and milk talk about boring. I am lucky I do not have migraines. Laura "
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Reply #3 - 07/01/08  11:49am
" Hi Guys!
I recently purchased an ioniser from jupiter science which i feel helps with IC. Ionisers raise the alkalinity of the water you drink and filter out impurities. Alkalised water helps to wash acid out of the body and can help IC symptoms. It can get worse before it gets better though because all the acid in your system will be washed out of the tissues and into your blood.Acid is better out of the body than traped inside though so you have to raise the alkalinity slowly so that you dont increase detox.

Bunny x x x "

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