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low back pain
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has anyone had low back pain when they were having a flair up? i am in week 2 of a flair up and it is driving me crazy. i am in pain and feel nauseated alot. i also have addison's disease so that gets into play with making me feel very tired and sick on my stomach! anyway a lot of the time my lower back hurts on the left side......i was just wondering if anybody else had pain in lower back when you are having alot of IC pain.
Posted on 02/23/12, 09:54 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/27/12  9:13pm
" I do but I also have kidney stones. You may want to have an xray to check for stones or a possible kidney infection. Good luck! "
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Reply #2 - 03/04/12  1:26pm
" I am in week 1 of a flare, my lower back hurts endlessly, the only relief is using a heating pad, tylenol,water and feet up. Totally understand your post. Between the bed, couch, bathroom and kitchen is walking which seems to relieve some of the pain. I also have encountered a stress free walk- may help. I am sorry for your pain. "
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Reply #3 - 03/04/12  3:22pm
" denise so sorry you are in a flare up!! i can't believe that the flare up i have had is lasting this long. it has been one day good then three terrible. my back hasn't hurt lately but i am getting so very tired and it is wearing me down......this constant pain i have it is lower abdomen pain it even hurts in my vagina. i would love to have an instillation but right now i can't afford to have one. good luck. "
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Reply #4 - 03/04/12  3:55pm
" I am looking forwrd to good days. At one time I feel to my knees with a flare jumped into a tub of very hot wter, then told my husband to boil some water, it was awful, so now when I have one or is at the beginning I think of that day and I know it will subside then I will take the good day and make it a great day. Never do I take the good days for granted any longer. I drink a lot of water and seems to really help plus heating pads, I also found if I take it a little easier on myself I can do better mentally. The pain will exhaust you for sure, just try if you can to rest, watch a movie or something relaxing you like to do. Hope you get some kind of relieve soon. "
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Reply #5 - 03/04/12  4:01pm
" you are SO right!!!! i NEVER take a good day for granted. my IC always causes my Addison's disease to get worse so there you are. when i have a good day i am so very thankful. i have started using a heating pad and it does help. i also recently started drinking baking soda in water and it seems to give some relief too. i hope you feel better soon. i am so glad to have found this site.....it really helps knowing there are others out there to share with. "
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Reply #6 - 03/04/12  4:58pm
" this site is awesome. never tried baking soda and water, how much of it do you drink? i want to try. So happy to have others to talk to, so many ppl do not understand. "
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Reply #7 - 03/04/12  7:15pm
" again you are so right people just don't understand. i get so tired of saying i feel bad or i'm in pain....i think that i am getting on everybody's nerves or they think "what i whiner!!"
well on to the baking soda and water. you mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water and sip it. my urologist mentioned it to me but didn't tell me the amounts. i found out more about it on this site. i don't know that it helps a huge amount but it seems to help some about like the heating pad and hot water soak. too bad nothing makes it stop completely. you know you take what help you can get!!! "
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Reply #8 - 03/08/12  10:47am
" I have alot of back pain , and sometimes worse than the lower pelvic pain . Its lower back and like an ache . i am having a few more tests done so if my urologist can help me ill be sure to let you know xx "
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Reply #9 - 03/14/12  9:15pm
" also with the lower back is the right side, do you have any idea why? "
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Reply #10 - 03/20/12  8:08am
" yes i get lower back pain too and sometimes abdomen pain its sooo much worse when im on my pd though and now being sick on top of it makes me exhausted and yeah no one gets it at all i mean theres names for being sick and say flu, or this or that then i say ic whats that? i feel so alone sometimes w this sickness case my family has me doing everything i take care of my son and bake and clean i do get some help w his chores but some days i have to sleep all day and almost night so i can get up for work that night yes have a pt time job at night so that helps i mean im up all hrs of night anyway misewell get pd for it lol ;) i dont think id be able to wk full time at day light cause it helps to sleep a lot so i get enough energy to be able to wk a full shift cause lift heavy stuff and wk fast pace can be trying too. whew. good luck hun "

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