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high tolerance to sleep meds
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I have an extremely high tolerance for sleep medications, pain medications, and anti-anxiety meds. I am diagnosed with bipolar, but my whole life I have had problems with falling asleep - since I was a child. I am basically a night owl, but unfortunately my job is during the day and I have to stay with this job - I can't change my hours, and I can't change my job. I have tried many meds -all the usual, Ambien, Restoril, Remeron, Lunesta, Seroquel, Trazadone with absolutely no results. I am interested in Halcion as I have never tried that. When I go to the psych I sound like a drug addict because apparently I need high dosages. I have also tried over the counter and herbal meds, do yoga, meditation, but nothing helps me fall asleep. Does anyone share this problem of high tolerance and found something that works for sleep?
Posted on 03/13/10, 01:09 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/13/10  9:19pm
" Hello,

sedating medications should be maintained in a low dosage all the the time whether you sleep or not and if it works or not do not take it everyday. Every other day is the right way to build, so your body will accept it and therefore it work for you without building tolerance.

If you go taking more and more does of any sedatives no matter sleeping pills or sedating antidepressants, then you will end up in very bad situation. But there is an option, which can cure your sleep problem and that is non-pharmaco therapy using complete CBT program. Meditions, relaxation training, hynosis, yoga, sleep hygine are part of it. "
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Reply #2 - 03/13/10  9:43pm
" Osmi,

I appreciate your advice, and have actually been through CBT several times. However, I don't feel your advice helped me. You say sedating medications should be maintained at a low dosage, but what about when they don't work? Night after night after night I'm not sleeping, with or without meds. I am dealing with other illnesses, and of course sleep is critical to getting well, and I'm not getting any. I do not have a high tolerance due to over-use. I have always had this high tolerance for this family of drugs. I feel desperate for sleep and I can work on all your suggestions, most of which I am already doing, but I need sleep now. "
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Reply #3 - 03/13/10  10:20pm
" Hello and good day,

Have you tried Remeron Soltab 15mg? What about 12mg of Ambein CR; this medication should not be taken with full stomach, other wise it won't work. Ambein is 2 kind, the normal and the CR which is extended version.

Someone like you who has tolerance to the most medications should think to take any medication that working for your sleep for every other night instead of nightly to avoid tolerance build up.
That is the best advise I can give you, dear. Good luck and have good night sleep. "
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Reply #4 - 03/15/10  9:11pm
" I've never tried Remeron. Someone else recommended it to me for sleeping, but they also had some side effects that aren't too good, but I think I'll ask my psych about it. I've tried both Ambiens and they didn't work. The last 2 nights I actually slept well and was more tired during the day than when I only get 3 hours - go figure! I'll try the advice to use something every other night, but when it's 4 in the morning and you're still awake, it's very frustrating. "
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Reply #5 - 03/16/10  5:09am
" None of those work for me either - Seroquel is not a help - but it isn't designed to be a sleep med as I am sure you know - I take 800mg of it anyways and it does squat. Now for me though Melatonin - whoa.. knock out central it is insane. I can take ambien mixed with lunesta and xanax and seroquel and stay wide awake (don't recommend you play the add on med game).. but just recently give me melatonin and I am out like a light. It gives me headaches though. Just insane! "
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Reply #6 - 03/16/10  6:06pm
" I was taking melatonin - 900mg, squished up, and it did nothing! But at least it's working for you. Now I'm trying L-tryptophan, we'll see if that does anything. "

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