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Any woman with Inguinal Hernia's?
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My surgeon want to remove 2 hernia's. The hiatal (sp?) and inguinal. I'm starting to get a little nervous about the surgery, but more disturbed about the post-op. They say 4-6 weeks recovery. I have 2 little ones. If it is like having a baby - then it won't be so bad (who listens to those rules?) Or am I niave and this is going to hurt? He is going to use the mesh on the inguinal and a tie-back (???) on the hiatal (sp??). Can any-one tell me about the post-op part?
Posted on 09/13/08, 05:18 am
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Reply #1 - 09/13/08  3:00pm
" i am a man 50 years old who had inguinal surgery on may 19 2008. comming up on 4 months in a day. if interest in my story, let me know. click on a couple of post under inguinal surgery and you could get some good info. i could talk longer if you e-mail me at luck "
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Reply #2 - 09/15/08  4:30am
" Sorry for the delay. I would appreciate more info. I'm just confused and nervous. I'm getting 2 removed and it's hard to find post - op stuff for the female side. If it is like having a baby - we all cheat on that. So yes please share. "
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Reply #3 - 09/15/08  4:54pm
" My name is Philip,50 year old ,white married male.I have worked for the last 27 years as a custodian in a new york public school. I have been pretty lucky my whole life as far as avoiding any injuries to myself. As far as no broken bones or trips to the hospital. So this was my first trip to surgery.It was last August as I was mopping a floor that I slipped a little on the wet surface.I did it a hundred times in the past so I thought nothing of it. About an hour later I was going ascross the street to get a cup of coffee that I noticed each step I took was starting to get very painful in my lower right groin area. Very low in the abdomin just above the crease of the right leg. I just about made it back in the building and I had to sit down................................................more in about an hour............ "
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Reply #4 - 09/15/08  4:55pm
" So,two days later I go to the doctor, he does a hands on examine and figures I have a groin pull, he gives me some muscle relaxers and pain killers and said the pain should go away in two weeks. And like clock work the pain does go away in two weeks. Now at this point I have no lump or bulge in the area, just a "weakness". So the holidays come and go (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I notice by the end of the day I am very weak.Not out of breath or anything,just WEAK. I can't or don't want to lift anything heavy. I went on line and ordered compression shorts. I wore these to work and felt better,like my guts were being re enforced. I would use on alternating days an ace bandage wrapped around my stomach and groin to add support. I was treating myself like a baby.
Now at this point after about 4 months there started to be a small bulge from my groin.I new at this point I pretty much had a full blown hernia...... I will right more. got to go home now.....Phil "
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Reply #5 - 09/15/08  4:56pm
" So after my lump appears, I go back to my doctor and h blood worke confirms I have a hernia.He explains I have to see a surgeon to correct it. It is my choice when to go but he does tell me the longer I wait it will only get worse. The lump is the intestines comming through the tear in the muscle,so by waiting the in and out motion is no good for you. Scar tissue could build around the site and make the condition worse.
Surgery was set for May 19. A week before I had to go to the hospital for pre op test. Mostly EKG and blood work. My doctor gives the final ok and its set. The 19th arrives and not much to do but listen to what the staff tells me to do. You have to have a driver with you to bring you home.I had my hernia fixed by incision.My doctor said there is less chance of infection through 1 cut than the 2-3 holes needed for the lap way like you choose.So you could ask about that. Plus I was told I would need a patch to sew things up............................ back in a minute......... "
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Reply #6 - 09/15/08  4:57pm
" I was knocked out for the operation. The time was about 45 minutes. I woke up in recover with no effects from the gas. Slight sore throat from the tub down it to breath. A nurse was stairing right in my face asking how i felt. I layed around for about 1 hour and then you have to pee before you could leave. I peed, got dressed ( wear loose sweat pants) and my son drove me home. I was issued pain killers and was told to put ice on and off every 20 minutes.I got home and sat on the couch with a leg stool in front of me.
At the insicion site they numb you up and put a big bandage to cover the 4 inch long cut. They used 6 big staples to hold it together which were removed in 6 days.In 3 days removed the bandage.
Not a lot of pain ,just the getting up and down to pee. Eat just lightly, and have a lot of fiber and fruit.When you move your bowels you don't want to force anything. I kept the ice on more than they said and it helped a lot. I had a little red and no swelling. I kept 2 ice packs going around the clock for 3 days.......................... "
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Reply #7 - 09/15/08  4:58pm
" Don't forget it's all about preparing. I also purchased stool softeners and drink plenty of water and juice when you come home. With the lap operation healing is going to be a little faster . Also no sneezing, remember, it's the preparing that counts.A week before my operation me and my wife cleaned the house pretty good.We dusted all the ledgers and shampooed the rug in the living room . I slept on the couch the first 3 nights. Laying in bed is fine but getting up every 2 hours to pee is just too much the first few days. But again it's all in the preparing, I also purchased for about 3 dollars from my drug store a portable urinal. I ended up not using it because I was abal to get up with out to much problem. Now heres how all the preparing paid off.
1- Have two ice packs- I had no redness or swelling
2-Have a clean room- I didn't sneeze for the first two weeks
3-Loose stool,plenty of water and juice- easy bowel movements
There are so many little bits of information I could give you. How about asking me some more questions on your mind??? Phil "
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Reply #8 - 09/15/08  5:00pm
" Please ask me any question that pops into your mind. I AM NOW 4 MONTHS AFTER MY SURGERY "
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Reply #9 - 09/15/08  9:37pm
" Phillip, thanks a ton!! Well I'm 41 White I'm wondering if "I'll hurt the same". I have a huge lump, but not so much pain. Some pressure pain, but not were I have to sit down. Now the umbilical one - that one can get moody. But they are more concerned about the inguinal. My surgeon suggested the same - going the cut route. doing the lap would be more invasive. He said it would take about 2.5 hrs because they are doing 2. My husband wants to ship me off for the post op part (I'm bad at following directions and more than likely will lift one of the babies or work in the yard). Did they have you on lift restritions for a long time? What about pushing (pressure? - like cutting the grass?) Again, you can't find a lot of "chicks" with this, but my husband say I work like a man - LOL.
ONE thing about pain... the other day I did experience some pain..but not EXACTLY were the lump was (I didn't say anything to hubby - he's already ticked that I'm dragging my feet). Did you say they did the mesh thing? I've read were there were law suites - I should stop reading and pysching myself out. How did you pick your surgeon?
Again - thanks so much. I better start DEEP cleaning and getting a bunch of stuff done. I'm shooting for mid Oct (if my body cooperates). "
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Reply #10 - 09/16/08  6:50am
" great questions,you really sound pretty well informed so family doctor recomendation did'nt take all my insurance coverage so i called my union and found i needed a doctor who took blue cross/ wife called a local hospital (a very good one in the area),she told them my story and what i needed... and they referred me to a local surgeon who works out of 3 hospitals in my area(levittown,new york).
i set up an appointment and he examined me... yes .. the mesh is fine to use , no problem there. the lawsuits were against a plug.... a plug would go into the hernia hole and cover it from the inside. my doctor assured me he dos'nt use the kind that was in the law suit. we even looked it up on his computer together in his office so i know he knew all about them.... i do believe they are all off the market now... but you can discuss this in lenght with him... be right back,,,,,,,,,, "

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