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Infertility Information

Infertility is the inability to naturally conceive a child or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term. There are many reasons why a couple may not be able to conceive, or may not be able to conceive without medical assistance.

Healthy couples in their mid-20s having regular sex have a one-in-four chance of getting pregnant in any given month. This is called "Fecundity." No one gender is responsible for infertility, as there are factors for both female and male infertility that may contribute to problems with conceiving.

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Health Blogs

I remember my first miscarriage like it was yesterday. I think it was the complete shock of it that seared it into my memory. I was 9 weeks pregnant, and we had heard the baby’s heartbeat, and everything seemed perfect. My OB told me that once we heard the heartbeat, that I could breathe easy, as there was a very small chance of miscarriage ... Read More »
IVA? Not a typo. It’s an infertility breakthrough that may be changing the lives of couples that thought they would never be able to have children of their own. In Vitro Activation, or IVA, is a procedure that may become part of the IVF procedure for women with a very specific medical condition, called primary ovarian insufficiency. This ... Read More »
There is a very small percentage of women of childbearing years (about one percent), who suffer from a condition called Primary Ovary Insufficiency. This condition was at one time called premature ovarian failure, or premature menopause, but this implies that the ovaries stopped working altogether. However, the name has been changed to reflect ... Read More »

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