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Oral Sex and ED
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I am crazy in love with a man who has ED. I have been talking with him for some time now and during our conversations and time together I started to pick up on a "problem" Well 2 days ago we finally had sex....well kind of...He plesured me orally and gave me all the attention I could ever hope for except he never obtained an erection. :-(
I tried giving him the best oral sex I could give and he didn't get hard!!! I was shocked! He didn't let me try for long and while we had sex he did ejaculate, but It never got fullly erect :-(
My question is this..... for men with ED does oral sex still feel pleasurable? And I will take any information that you think may be helpful. Since we are just newly dating, he hasn't shared with me any information pertaing to his condition so I don't know for how long or what may be the cause. I can tell you that he is 46 and doesn't take any medication and is in great physical condition. He doesn't smoke, drink or use drugs. I would appreciate any info anyone would share.
Posted on 04/05/09, 10:20 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/07/09  5:56pm
" I can only speak for myself. I also do not get an erection. I have been able to for four or five years and sex for me is still very satisfying. My condition has also alowed my partner(s) and I to experiement with toys. That opened a few new doors.

Oral and digital sex bring me to orgasm and ejaculation which feels just as good to me (maybe better) than it ever did.

I also get sexually excited watching my partner reach multiple orgasms, knowing I am helping her. My current partners tell me they are fully sexually satisfied with our sex.

At his age, I would suggest he try one of the erection disorder pills. They worked for me for a while, then stopped. "
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Reply #2 - 04/07/09  7:23pm
" I too am an old guy (70). I had ed after a heart attack and prostate removal about 10 years ago. I could rarely get an erection the first year. But yes, I could experience an orgasm even though I could not ejaculate. My wife and I used a very powerful vibrator then, still do. Then we tried a penis vacuum pump. It worked most of the time. But still I had to maintain her orgasms orally. After a while and with the help of viagra, we now enjoy solid erections most of the time we have sex (usually twice a week). "
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Reply #3 - 04/07/09  7:25pm
" Thought I might add that my wife gets orgasms either by my stimulating her orally, by penis [penitration, and by orally pleasing me. "
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Reply #4 - 04/09/09  8:44pm
" Thank you for all your shared information. "
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Reply #5 - 04/10/09  3:00pm
" one out of every 2 men over the age of 40 will develop ed to some extent. Have him request a free sample of viagra from his doctor. I bet that will help. It did me. :) "
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Reply #6 - 04/10/09  7:43pm
" Yea...as soon as he talks to me about it I will definately suggest it, but he seems to be thinking I didn't notice. I might have to wait until the next time we are intimate to bring it up myself. I haven't found the right opprotunity. I think he thinks that him giving me oral sex is enough, don't get me wrong it is GREAT, but I want to feel him....
This is a cruel disorder and I truly feel for all the men going through it but after I read all day about it, I am hopeful
BTW...check out this excellent article for anyone who is new to this disorder http://www.emedicinehealth.com/scri... "
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Reply #7 - 09/19/09  12:55pm
" Kall -
I am also in a loving relationship with a man who has ED. He is 63 and his ED is the result of drinking and diabetes... While our sexual intimacy is very satisfying, I feel a little disconnected; I also do not relish the prospect of *only* providing his orgasms through oral sex... I need to know: For a man with ED, is oral sex enough? "
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Reply #8 - 09/21/09  12:40am
" In answer to np's question, I am fully satisfied by oral.
And for kall, you may not understand this at all but I cannot tell if I am or am not erect. If I am not looking or not touching it, I can't tell the difference. Quite honestly, if I am not watching, I can't tell if my partner isusing her tongue or fingers to stimulate me.
Maybe he thinks you did not notice, but I wonder if he noticed. "
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Reply #9 - 10/02/09  7:43am
" Hi All,
Am new to the site. I am 65 and had a TURP four years ago for BPH. Was gradually getting ED before that for which I used viagra. Fairly effective before the TURP; doesn't sustain erection for intercourse anymore. Tried cialis and levitra also;no better. Urologist prescribed vacuum pump recently and I have been practicing getting erections. Have not tried intercourse yet, but it would seem that its going to work okay because the pump definitely blows that puppy up. Oddly, I have "bubble" on the bottom of my penis toward the base; almost like a hernia. Haven't told the urologist about this yet. Anyone else had this phenomenom? "
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Reply #10 - 10/13/09  3:32pm
" Can tell you that H only gets an erection (w/o meds) during oral stimulation. Our 'regular' sex life is non existent. "

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