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anyone had LSH and still have "mini periods"?
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I have been so much reading on this and everyone says that if you keep your cervix you may still bleed? they say that because the cervix is a part of your uterus that is left behind and cauterized...well i have read that some people still bleed and some have had to take birth control pills????? is this crazy or true???? i asked the doc about this yesterday and she said yes sometimes it can happen but if you did bleed it would only be a spot once in a while. well i almost freaked...what is the point of having surgery to stop the bleeding? well she said that sometimes the endometrium cells are still attatched to the top of the cervix and even after cauterization they can grow back, then they can put some silver nitrate on your cervix to burn it again. this sounds insane to me. why not remove the darn cervix and save yourself the trouble? has anyone had this happen to them?
Posted on 05/07/09, 11:15 am
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Reply #1 - 05/07/09  11:47am
" I had an LSH and I have not had any bleeding at all. I have never heard of anyone having mini periods after this type of surgery because there is no lining or uterus left to shed....try to worry about that. I only kept my cervix and nothing else. Good luck and Im here if you need to talk "
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Reply #2 - 05/07/09  11:55am
" wow! thank you! thats a relief to hear something positive about thatnig...i was online last night for hours reading horror stories! "
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Reply #3 - 05/08/09  8:41am
" Try not to read up on horror stories. it only make things worse. Hysterectomy's are not preformed as much as they use to be but they are still the number one surgery in a female. If you are worried you need to ask your dr how many she has preformed. Just think of it as the hear about bad things all the time but do they happen to you??. It is very scary to go through this and you dont need the extra added pressure. It's nice to see you again :-)..Staci "
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Reply #4 - 05/14/09  7:43am
" In discussing my options for hysterectomy, my Dr. wanted me to keep my cervic also, but we discuss the same issue you and your Dr. had. I am letting them take mine, since bleeding is my issue. I don't want any more surguries, and I like the idea of no more pap test annually (I have HPV from my early 20's, so who knows what could creep up!) . I want to remove all chance of bleeding since the ablation was a miserable failure. I hope my thinking aloud helps. Best wishes. "
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Reply #5 - 05/19/09  3:56pm
" yes that helps me a lot..i have an appointmnt in two weeks, and i am gonna have to insist cause bleeding is my problem also and i do not want to see another drop of blood ever!!!! "

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