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hysterectomy...advice for before and after?
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I have a full hysterectomy scheduled for the 23rd of this month. I will be losing my uterus, cervix, both ovaries and tubes. I keep going between feeling okay about it to crying because I feel so, well, cheated. I know that having the surgery is the best option for me and every doctor I have seen agrees that I cannot put this off any longer.

Do any of you ladies have any advice for before and after the surgery? Like anything I should do before I go in to help relax or feel more confident going in? And things I should do afterward to help feel okay and still feel like a woman? My doctor said he will go in the same incision from my c-section and that the healing process is much the same. I will be starting bio-identical HRT after my surgery but don't know a whole lot about them. Are any of you on them?

Also, how was your sex-life affected, if at all? Is there anything you think I should know in general before I go in?

I'm really nervous about having this surgery, so any advice or encouragement would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. :)
Posted on 06/12/09, 11:54 am
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Reply #1 - 06/17/09  8:39pm
" Bellamy,
I just had my hysterectomy the end of March. I am starting to have the hot flashes - the night sweats aren't that bad yet. Mood swings are a different story .. I do not want to take the hormones because of the risks and am looking into something herbal. Read something about the Maca root .. if anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate the advice. Anyway Bellamy, keep your chin up .. looks like you have a little one to take care of .. just remember "DON'T CLAIM IT!" "
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Reply #2 - 06/18/09  12:12am
" First I wanted to say good luck and lots of prayers are sent your way...
I had the same surgery everything removed on may 6, I was a nervous wreck also, but everything went fine its just the whole thought. Just try to relax a little. I know its hard. The only thing I would suggest when you come home is dont push yourself. I couldnt walk up the stairs to get to my bed so slept on the couch for weeks, which is ok. I also made sure I had stool softners in the house and plenty of juice,green tea, and water. For what ever reason I couldnt get enough of this stuff. lol. Even fruits big part of my diet when I got home. You know though I really dont understand that Not feeling like a woman comment, not matter what your still a woman, just some parts are taken out. I was lucky enough to have kids and never wanted anymore so maybe that has a lot do with it. but I never felt I wasn't less than a woman.You shouldnt either.. As far as sex goes, have no idea, Im single but when i finally do get that date its gonna be a lot of fun lol..
Lots of luck... "
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Reply #3 - 06/18/09  9:19am
" bellamy, I felt the same way as you are now. Ihad my total abdominal hysterectomy with ovarys romoved in Feb 09. All the same as you are going to be going through. Mine was for endo but it didnt help me much. I cried thinking why me and the fact I wouldnt be going through menopause natrually. Other times I would think I really need this since my periods were every 2 weeks for 2 years and nothing worked to stop them. It went reversed and they never stopped in the end. Dont read all the horror stories on the internet. It will only make matters worse. Hysterectomys are the 2nd leading surgery in the US. If your needing support come to us!! We are all here who have had a hyst or going to have one. Your sex life will stop for 6+ weeks depending on when your Dr will release you. I had to take it easy for a while when I resumed sex. It still hurt and I think it was just the healing of my vaginal cuff. I know at my 6 week check up my dr said it was still healing and its a part that your body has to go through. Remember....this is a major surgery. If you are feeling really nervous ask your dr about giving you something to calm you down. You will be just fine. The hard part is waiting and thinking about everything. I now feel much better about knowing I needed my hysterectomy but it took me a while even after wards. Now I can say " I have no painful periods, no pads to deal with!!!" keep your chin up. You will get through this. If you need anyone to chat with give a shout out and I will try to help and give you any info of what I went through pre op and post op. Things to remember all that good stuff drs dont tell you...lol "
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Reply #4 - 06/20/09  10:32am
" Hello! I had my Hysterectomy on Monday and here's my advice--do all housework, laundry, grocery shopping BEFORE you go in the hospital!!! I'm home now and kicking myself for not doing these tasks!!!!! Now, I had the Davinchi (robotic) kind so I'm sure I'll heal faster than you. When you get home, LET PEOPEL WAIT ON YOU!!! If you have kids, try to find a sitter, even just for the day you come home. Trust me, you're gonna feel like crap but they give you pretty stong meds, so you'll be ok. I wish you nothing but luck. Be well! ~heather "
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Reply #5 - 12/31/09  8:01am
" hi well i had my hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and like you i had alot of questions i was nervous scared but i decided i couldnt live with the pain anymore as it was effecting me and my family id been like this for 2 yrs after the surgery i was sore and tired so i just slept the nurses and docs will help you while ur in hospital. i dont feel any different as for the sex question im still wondering that myself as i havent approached it yet due to being too early but on thing i will suggest is make sure u take plenty of indigestion remedies in with you as you can get terrible windy pain also after youve had your bandages off your clothes may rub on the wound which i found i didnt have anything big enough in so i used my sanatry towels i placed one over my wound and it made me more comfortable it really works also make sure you get plenty of rest and help when you come home. its normal to be worried and scared but you will be fine hun good luck and all the best if you would like to know anything else please feel free to ask p.s im also on hrt and i feel great on them xxxx "
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Reply #6 - 12/31/09  8:11am
" Thanks for all the input ladies. I too am looking at a hysto in the very near future and crying and worried about it. Seems all you find on the web is horror stories. My aunt was talking to me the other night and made a good point she said the people on line may have a lot of horror stories but what about all the people that had great experiences. They are off living life and not posting on the web. I suppose that could be true. "
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Reply #7 - 01/01/10  8:46pm
" My hysterectomy went great. The pain is worse that a c-section, but tollerable. I only took two pain pills and Iburprofen the rest of the time. If you are uncertain of how you feel about having the surgery, I highly recommend you seek counseling prior to the surgery. Even after if you feel you need it.

Oh yeah, the stool softener was a life saver post-surgery! :) "

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