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My doctor took me off the statin for my high cholesterol and started my on Vit D supplementation (3.335 UI - 5 drops of the liquid in some water).

In 3 weeks i´ll be testing my thyroid and cholesterol and we´ll see if I need an increase (i´m sure I need to go back to 125mcg eutirox at least).

After that I will order the saliva test online and new labs for food allergies (like gluten, etc.). I just can´t do it yet because those tests are both very expensive.

The process is very slow but I hope we can all get to the optimal heaven :)
Posted on 06/05/14, 09:58 am
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Reply #1 - 06/05/14  12:15pm
" Excellent. That is progress.
Current research about statins is very negative as you probably know. Dont take them.
There are as well some very recent huge studies on the correlation of cholesterol and heart disease, and how sugar not fat is the major cause.
Good luck with your thyroid labs!!! "
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Reply #2 - 06/05/14  12:15pm
" That is right--Keep pressing forward!! We'll make it on this long journey together!! It can all be oh so very tough, but at least we have each other for support along the way. "
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Reply #3 - 06/06/14  4:55am
" Thank you for your support :)

Gagel, what if the cholesterol is high? How can I control my high cholesterol without the statin? With natural supplements? "
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Reply #4 - 06/06/14  5:06am
" Red yeast rice tablets are a natural supplement that can lower cholesterol. "
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Reply #5 - 06/08/14  12:37pm
" For me, thyroid levels and cholesterol is DIRECTLY related. Most people realize pretty quickly that they're triglycerides and thyroid levels are related (when thyroid levels are lower...triglycerides are higher) - but my cholesterol works the same way: When thyroid levels (free T3 and Free T4) are lower...my cholesterol is MUCH higher.

I won the fight against taking statins by getting a doctor who wasn't stupid to "go along with me" - he allowed me to raise my dosage under his supervision as long as I didn't show any HYPER symptoms (I didn't) and watch my cholesterol at the same time. I'm relieved to say that my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are "normal" for the first time in many years because my thyroid levels are right for ME. They'd be considered HIGH for most people, but for me...it's perfect. "
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Reply #6 - 06/08/14  12:43pm
" That is great, MB, and really encouraging to hear!! "

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