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Low Cortisol
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Hi all,
I have been treating my low cortisol since early May, however I'm sure this issue was a long time in the making. At any rate, I've had the A.M. Cortisol blood test three times and each time it's lower than the time before. My last lab draw on 11/1 was:

Cortisol AM 2 Range 6.2-19.4

As you can see, it's very low, considering it should be the highest in the morning, in the high part of the range. This is the lowest it's ever been and I'm pretty concerned. My ND seems to think I've suppressed my cortisol production by taking too much Isocort when stress dosing. At the time of that test, I can certainly say I was taking more then the recommended 8 per day not realizing I was making things worse.

Anyone who has ever dealt with this, please provide me some insight and it this will EVER get better. I'm losing hope. :(
Posted on 12/07/12, 01:27 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/07/12  2:00pm
" Helerown

I know how you feel and it is terrible! Have you tried asking more adrenal specific questions on the yahoo adrenal group? They might have more background with adrenal related issues.

That morning level seems terribly low! I didn't realize that isocort could make things worse. I'm kind of in the same predicament as you. Isocort didn't work for me either. In the book I just read, the chapter on adrenals said to start off with vitamins B5 and B6. Then licorice (which I had a reaction to and had to stop). Then it mentions adaptogenic herbs (ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola root, bacopa. Then it mentions to try a precursor: DHEA and pregnenolone. If that isn't strong enough and taking care of the problem.....move onto adrenal glandular such as Isocort. (didn't work for me either) Lastly, if all else fails...hydrocortisone.

I haven;t tried the adaptogenic herbs yet, but I feel like if isocort didn't help, why would they??? That being said, I did order some rhodiola supplements but they haven't arrived yet. I have been taking 1 Bio-Adreno a day for about a week. No noticeable improvement. :(

This sucks!!! "
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Reply #2 - 12/07/12  2:29pm
" My pregnenolone is beyond low, it's less than 5 and should be between 7-188. Why me!!!? I feel like my body has failed me and is slipping away. I take an adrenal B complex too. I've done all I can. The supplement my doctor gave the other day has all the herbs you mentioned as well, he said give it a week or two. I will keep you posted on how it helps...if it helps. "
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Reply #3 - 12/08/12  9:13am
" helerown

Have you ever tried posting a question on Elaine Moore's forum?

These are her credentials as copied and pasted from her Q&A forum:

Elaine Moore, a medical writer and clinical laboratory scientist, MT, CLS, with more than 30 years of experience in immunology. Moore has also authored and edited over a dozen books in the area of health sciences and is an editor for McFarland Publisher's Health Topics Series.

I wish I had answers for you. I just haven't researched adrenal issues since I'm not affected. So sorry you're suffering.

(If you do decide to post a question to Elaine, you might want to get her input on your TSI level - I do wonder if those adrenaline surges are actually thyroid hormone surges as a result of your TSI)

No matter what, you know I wish you the best! ((hugs)) "
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Reply #4 - 12/08/12  9:49pm
" I take an adrenal supplement called adrenal rebuilder by Metagenics. You can get it online. I am taking one with every meal. My last adrenal test was fine. So I think they are helping. At one point when I was very high in anxiety during a period of severe clinical depression, my coritsol was way too high....should that ever happen, take an adaptagen such as Seriphos, it definitely brought it down to the right range. Good luck! "
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Reply #5 - 12/09/12  12:28pm
" Thanks guys for the input, unfortunately I can't take the pregnenolone due to my clotting history. I can't mess with any of those types of hormones. I bet it might help a great deal, but I simply can't risk clots, as I almost died from clotting.

Yes my TSI level has crossed my mind allot lately and I'm questioning that myself. I know I was feeling 75% better for many months and now here I am back to point A. Thyroid flare, TSI doing it's thing, or Adrenals??? With my cortisol being so low, I'm sure that is a factor, but I'm not going to rule out the TSI either. Thanks, I will post this to Elaine Moore. Any answer at this point is helpful. "
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Reply #6 - 12/10/12  8:18pm
" Yes, great idea to post to Elaine. Give her some history and some labs to go by and the meds you've been on. "

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