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188 mcg synthroid
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I just talked my doc into moving me up again this month. I felt a little better last month after moving to 175, no quite so fatigued. I was hoping she would move me up to 200, but not yet. It seems so high though. Is anyone else taking such a large amount of synthroid and still have their thyroid?
Posted on 09/12/10, 07:10 pm
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Reply #21 - 09/15/10  8:23pm
" OK Barbell since you said I'm wrong -- I'm guessing you mean on the part when I said the majority of the population take the synthetic. Yes the natural has been around for 100 years, but when the synthetic process was produced the natural became less and less popular. That was in the 1980's -- now the synthetic is far more prevalent than the natural in use. The reason being that doctors do not like to prescribe the natural. I asked my doctor why that is, she said that they natural is not as stable as the synthetic (her words not mine). She said their is a greater risk of thyroid storm with the natural -- again her words not mine. "
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Reply #22 - 09/15/10  8:40pm
" Barbell -- I checked out the web site you sent and I need to point out that they are talking specifically about the manufacturing of Synthroid -- which is a brand name. Synthroid has had it's problems I understand. I take the generic form levothryroxin. My insurance company will not pay for Synthroid -- don't really know why -- but have read that it is overpriced. I also want to point out that the "Natural" ie.. Armor is not FDA regulated because it was "grandfathered" in because it was around a long time before the FDA was established, so you will not find any FDA report on Armor. This again is according to my doctor. I have nothing against anyone that gets help and uses the natural form of thyroid meds. If the synthetic didn't work for me I would definitely give it a try. Why do you insist on putting down the synthetic when it is talked about? "
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Reply #23 - 09/15/10  10:33pm
" Teri - touche "
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Reply #24 - 09/16/10  4:15pm
" Hi Tekwriter,
I wanted to tell you that I am in the middle of having a conversation with both ladies I work with on Syntrhoid. Both are on the brand name as it seems the generic did not work for either of them. Once they switched, the weight started coming off, hair started growing back and edema went down. Sounds good to me! Some people do well on the generic ( my mom for one) but others do not. I hope I do well on Synthroid/Cytomel. I may not need the Cytomel from having Graves, but my endo gave it to me in case I do. Have you though about adding some T3 to your Synthroid? Or are your levels within range for T3? It seems to help some people. Keep me posted on how you are feeling :) "

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