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How do heat/humidity effect thyroid levels?
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Every summer, the heat/humidity compromise my already compromised immune system (CFS). This summer, I'm understanding that b/c the heat does this, my TSH level in turn decrease so I need less synthroid. Does anyone have the experience of having their thy. levels change every couple wks.? The more you change syn. dosages, the more you're adding to potential osteoporosis. I already have 7 fractured vertebrae (am only 49) and have had 2 seizures when my levels got so out of control, giving me thyroid "storms." Do any of you have experience w/ "thyroid storms?"
Posted on 08/25/07, 12:11 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/25/07  2:00pm
" Hi,
I'm going through some type of thyroiditis right now, and some people I talk to tell me it's a thyroid storm. I was hypo for over 20 years and on Synthroid, rolling along with not too many problems. Then all of a sudden I got these awful hyperthyroid symptoms...they hit all at once. I thought I was going to go crazy. When I finally got into my doctor, he diagnosed subacute thyroiditis, said I was over-stimulated, and took me off my Synthroid. He doubled my beta blocker (taking for MVP) to get the heartrate down. Basically we are dealing with symptoms here. We are trying to wait out two months without meds, because it takes that long for all Synthroid to exit the system....then they will do a scan and lots of bloodwork to determine exactly what has hit me. I read a lot about these things when all this hit, and it sounds to me like you may have Hashimoto's Disease....the TSH jumps all over the may be what I actually have, too. My TSH when I got hit was .402....I tested two weeks later and it is now 1.4....I will be retesting in about a month when they will do the scan, etc. I'd be interested in hearing your symptoms when you are having these "thyroid storms" to compare notes. Also, I cannot tolerate heat and humidity, and I'm a victim of CFS, too...had a particularly severe case back in '87 that left me bedridden for months and started the ball rolling for a lot of the things that are wrong with me now. How out of control were your levels when you had the seizures?

Beckeroo "

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