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Questions-memory, unexplained fever, spotting
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Do any of you suffer from poor memory and concentration?
Can hyperthyroidism cause low grade fever -which I've had for days but I'm not sick with anything?
Can hyperthyroidism cause spotting in-between periods or abnormal bleeding?
Posted on 10/11/07, 09:12 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/11/07  11:09pm
" I know for a while I ran a temp of 102 w/ no cold symptoms. And the spotting, yes hyperthyroidism dose this, im even on depo provera (birth control) and I didnt get periods., ever since ive had hyperthyroidism
I spot all the time. Gyn says its because thee hormones sre so out of wack "
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Reply #2 - 10/12/07  4:24pm
" Thanks for your reply. The doctors I went to did not think the fever was linked to the thyroid but I think maybe it is-eapecially without any other symptoms.

I'm menopausal and I take HRT (Hormone Replacement) which gives me a period whenever I tale progesterone, but the spotting happened in between induced periods. I just went for a pelvic sonogram today to rule out any abnormalities. "
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Reply #3 - 11/11/07  4:58pm
" Hi,

First I would like to say thyroid problems do cause memory problems. I went to a Nuerologist for Memory Loss and he looked no further when he heard I had auto-immune thryoid disease, my thyroid has caused big memory loss problems for me. And my periods were bad and painful, I was getting one every 2 weeks for a while. Since my thyroid is getting more level, my periods are becoming more normal. Oh ya, I and kept running a low grade fever with no infection found. That was driving me nuts, and thyroid tests did indicate i was hyperthyroid at that time of persistent low grade fever. "
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Reply #4 - 11/12/07  9:11am
" Thanks for your replies! I'm post-menopausal for 8 years. Not sure if the spotting was related. Luckily it happened a few months ago and stopped. I'm having a sonogram tomorrow.

I now know running a low grade fever is from being hyperthyroid. When it happened I called my endo's office and the nurse there actually told me that a fever is not due to hyperthyroidism. I can't believe it!! How can health "professionals" working in endocrinology not know the symptoms of hyperthyroid??? "
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Reply #5 - 11/12/07  4:00pm
" I definitely am struggling w/ the poor memory and poor concentration! argh.
My (new) endo said a fever is normal (although I do not have one) also lower WBC and (I guess) other lab values as well.
More and more it seems to me that the thyroid is related to EVERYTHING!!! "
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Reply #6 - 12/24/07  11:43am
" Just adding another yes to all three symptoms...I'm in graduate school and it's been crazy making not knowing when I'll have a clear, functioning head or when I'll be in a fog. It's nice to read comments from others that match my experience. Thanks All. "
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Reply #7 - 09/08/08  8:53pm
" yes actually with hyperthyroid you usually run a higher body temp, with hypo it's lower.I guess that's why we are HOT! (wink) and hypos are cold.. "
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Reply #8 - 09/12/08  4:21am
" I am just diagnosed and in no medication. I started having sweats and anxiety (more than usual) and irregular periods over 3 yrs ago. Went to doc's - menopausal symptoms - couldn't cope with sweats etc so went on HTR. Stopped that March 08. Increasingly I have had sweats, anxiety, memory loss, woozi-not-being-able to concertratedness. I have recently postponed my doctorate and cry every time I think I have to write 5000 words for a chapter on a subject I know very well. The silliset thing causes anxiety. Sometimes I sleep, many times not. I've stopped smoking for 3 mths so put a lot of the symptoms also down to this. It turns out that probably the early symptoms were hyper. I am getting tje symptoms full-pelt now. Difficult to concertrate writing this. Because I wasn't having periods and then recently had 3 heavy bleeds I have been referred for a hysteroscopy - next Tues. The routine blood tests show that I am not as far in the menipause as we thought and that I have hyper. So - yes, it causes all those things and certainly influences the menses. It is only because my daughter -who is a doc - insisted that I have the "post menopausal bleeding" (we thought) investigated. So I'll still have the hysteroscopy but I NEED HELP WITH HYPER! Good luck! "
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Reply #9 - 09/12/08  10:48am
" annni-
Your abnormal bleeding is similar to what mine was. Why not postpone your hysterectomy until you get your thyroid under control? It took me about 6 weeks on medication to feel normal. Also check for uterine/cervical polyps or fibroids.

Ronni "
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Reply #10 - 09/16/08  9:00pm
" I have hyperthyroidism that is not under control and I think it can cause irregular bleeding as well as longer spotty cycles and infertility. I have the low grade fever thing also, it comes in waves like hot flashes or something. "

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