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What's the difference between IU/mL and U/mL?
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I didn't know where else to post and people here have been helpful in the past with interpreting lab results. My doctor doesn't know what to make me now (we tested other things this time, not just thyroid), and I'm on the waiting list to see some specialist for more tests.

My lab results show normal free T3, freeT4, and TSH. TSH is on the low end but it's been consistently hanging in there for a while.

My thyroid antibodies, however, appear to be off the charts and surely this must be a misprint.

The lab results from my _previous_ test showed:
TPOAb: 140 U/mL (normal range under 60)
TgAb: 86 U/mL (normal range under 60)

But my latest results show:
TPOAb: 245 IU/mL (normal range under 6)
TgAb: 35 IU/mL (normal range under 4)

I thought that perhaps there were zeros missing off the normal range, but both values were printed in red instead of black (by the lab) as being abnormal; which I reason the Thyroglobulin Ab wouldn't have been if it were 35/40.

I did go to a different lab. But I didn't expect the controls to be different and that confuses me. Other controls for TSH and fT4 were slightly different, but not by that much (TSH was 10-20 vs 9-10, and fT4 was 0.4-4 vs 0.3-5).

What is the difference between IU/mL and U/mL????
Does this really mean my TPOAb is 40 times higher than the normal range?
Posted on 08/06/10, 07:47 am
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Reply #1 - 08/06/10  1:26pm
" Maybe this chart may help you?

{{{hugs}}} :-) "

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