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Experiencing fever after 3 months of ABVD treatmen
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My bother was diagnosed with nodular sclerosing HL, stage III, after four months of illness, during which, especially two months before the treatment began, his temperature soared, on a daily basis, eventually reaching 40.5 Celsius. He was prescribed Nirypan and together with ABVD, the fever stopped. He is now beginning the fourth cycle of the treatment (administered every two weeks), and the nodes have got smaller. However, the fevers are back, which is making him really scared, going up to 38.5 C. Does anyone have a similar experience, and how worried should we be?
Thanks, Svetlana
Posted on 08/09/11, 11:50 am
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Reply #1 - 08/09/11  8:26pm
" Hello...I am bad at math so I can't really tell how high his fever is when you use Celcius but I know for me I had a fever on and off throughout my whole treatments. Sometimes it would be as high as 103F. You do have to be careful because sometimes fevers can indicate infections...such as if he had a port placed...they should check on that to make sure there is no infection brewing and also do a white cell count to see if that is high. Otherwise I would say for me that was routine...fevers on and off all the time and it sucked...I had a theory that it was my body's reaction to the chemo but I dont know...I wish you all well!! "
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Reply #2 - 08/10/11  7:42am
" Thank you so much. The net fahrenheit to celsius converter says that was pretty high, too :) You are probably right about him having an infection, but they will have to figure out why. The white cell count at one time was 8.1, but has been within the range, really. Thank you for your kind wishes, and I wish you all the best! "

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