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Does anyone else have this? I was diagnosed today with dermatographism, which literally means "the ability to write on the skin" I've been on zyrtec for at least 10 years and before that I was on hisminal (no longer available). I always thought I was allergic to lots of soaps and perfumes and scented things, we tried almost every laundry soap out there. When I started taking zyrtec year round I stopped having problems with the hives. I thought I had finally found a soap that worked! Then every time I tried to go off of the zyrtec I would break out in hives on the 3rd day. I finally went to an allergist today and I had to be off of all allergy meds for 1 week. I have been in HELL with the itchy hives!!! Turns out every allergy test came back negative, I have NO ALLERGIES AT ALL!! All these years I thought i was allergic to pollen and dust and my dogs, not at all! What I have is dermatographism. Basically any pressure or touch on the skin causes me to itch and then break out in hives from the itching. It's not real common but somewhat. My doc said I will probably have to stay on zyrtec the rest of my life for it. I'm good with that since I've been completely symptom free for almost 4 years while being on the zyrtec year-round. So to anyone who has similar problems to test for this all you have to do is take a pen or tongue dispenser and rub it across your skin, if you get a raised red rash that goes away on it's own within an hour that is what you have!
Posted on 04/25/08, 10:23 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Hives. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #181 - 05/14/11  8:45pm
" I stopped smoking back in September. No relief after quitting.

Does anyone take Lexapro? When the hives first started I stopped taking the Lexapro cold turkey. I thought I may have developed an allergy to Lexapro. Haven't taken it since and don't feel the need to. "
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Reply #182 - 05/15/11  8:09am
" I haven't smoked in 26 years. I don't take Lexapro. I stopped caffeine and then started again and had very little itching this weekend drinking my favorite Columbian coffee and no meds for 4 days!

Still no solid answers. :(

There is of course the possibility that we are not all itching from one thing, but may all have separate issues.

As I'm always researching this, I came upon another possible answer - digestive enzymes defficiency. Here are two website I found in my search which both list hives as a symptom. Particularly the enzyme Amylase.
Read them and maybe do some further research and tell me what else you can do besides taking supplements? The supplements can give you problems too! UGH! "
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Reply #183 - 05/15/11  9:22pm
" Hi, i just found this site and have spent a lot of time reading peoples posts...i'm almost 28 (this coming week) and i was diagnosed with dermatographism about 11 years ago. I remember a few of my friends would get a kick out of using their pens to "write" on my arm. I've done allergy testing and while it came back positive for certain things, dust, pollen, dustmites, and i've undergone allergy shots for almost 2 had NO effect whatsoever on my condition. I currently take zyrtec daily and it seems to do a good job. If i don't take it i pay for it about 2 days later. I have not done food allergy testing and didn't know if it would be worth it. I also noticed that someone else posted about night sweats..i get them too but not everynight and i always seem to be cold....not sure if any of this is related though. Other than that though i do not have anyother health problems.

i am looking forward to seeing how other people are dealing with this annoyance :-) "
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Reply #184 - 05/16/11  3:43am
" I was diagnose last month, awaiting the RAST results, but not very hopeful. I took some Pred last week to relieve the symptoms and it helped but now today I'm breaking out again...sounds like therre are no sure antidotes for our misery!! At least I had a few days of no itching, but not willing to take the Pred on a long-term basis (not Dr. prescribed...just doing it on my own as I have access to the drug). I thouroughly enjoy my cup of strong coffee in the morning, and get headaches if I don't so not really willing to give that up if I don't need to.....guess will see what the test show, if anything..... "
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Reply #185 - 05/25/11  3:41pm
" I have ordered a supplement called Moducare. It is supposed to balance our Immune System, and since having Dermatographism classifies us as having an overactive immune system I thought I would try it out. I will post results in the coming weeks.

Here is a quote about the product from a web site I found:

Essential Phytosterolins in Acton, Ontario, Canada, makes Moducare®, a combination of plant sterols and sterolins that support the immune system. These compounds are phytonutrients that work in the body to stop the immune system from overreacting. “It’s not just one thing – you’re dealing with many cells in the immune system,” said Lorna VanderHaeghe, spokesperson for Moducare® and author of The Immune System Cure (Kensington 1999), “but basically the sterols and sterolins turn on the gene which activates the helper T1 cells and help regulate the overactive immune system. Antihistamines will stop the mast cells from releasing histamine, but plant sterols will stop the immune response that triggers the mast cells in the first place.” "
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Reply #186 - 05/25/11  5:51pm
" Thanks ev99! Looking forward to hearing of your results one way or the other. I am so tired of taking pills that only partially work and have lousy side effects! We want answers. :( "
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Reply #187 - 05/26/11  6:30pm
" I have it too. I take allegra for the itching and to keep the histamines down and I take cortaid cream mixed with neosporin to heal the bumps. blisters and injuries quicker. "
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Reply #188 - 05/30/11  6:04pm
" I really felt foolish. i thought I was having a flea infestation 3 months ago so I washed, dosed animals, and had my house fumigated. I thought those little sharp points (bites) were fleas. But two months later i had really tender places on my stomach and bad itching moving to include my side, butt, and sometimes the back. Sorry dogs, it wasn't you afterall. I never scratch because it, makes the itching worse. I switched to detergents and soaps for sensitive skins and used Benydral that did nothing to the itching. i found that it was worse in the evenings and especially worse when I was out in the heat, humidity, or was sweating. I discoved that if I press down on the bite, it stops it. Now I take Hydroxyzine, use Sarna lotion for itching, and Chiggex (don't knock it till you try it). My reading indicates that my problem is not my underwear itself but the pressure on my skin,. However, it helps to wear cotton underwear. Does anyone know where i can get some good all cotten or wide bands on underwear? "
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Reply #189 - 05/30/11  6:33pm
" I like Hanes low riders the best. Itchless (((HUGS))) "
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Reply #190 - 05/30/11  9:39pm
" Hanes Her Way. I buy them. :) "

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