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I've bee on this meds for 7 months and it was working great. Averaging 116/73. But all of a sudden out of the blue it spiked and my last reading was 148/82. May not be very high for you but a huge jump for me and my face is constantly hot and burning feeling and head aches... Dr doubled my dose a week ago but still burning in the face. I haven't taken my bp in almost a week because I freak out and have anxiety problems making it worse. I go to dr in 2 days so well see how it goes then.. Why wouldy meds seem to stop working? Nothing in my diet has changed. I did lose 16 lbs.. Wouldn't that help? The manufacturer changed for my meds but they should be same right?
Posted on 03/14/12, 01:04 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/14/12  4:48pm
" Yesterday, I took my blood pressure, it was 127/85, ten minutes later it was 117/77. Again, 148/82 is not bad. Do not freak your self out. Reading your post, it seems you are highly stressed. Maybe when you see your doctors in two days, he/she could give you something to calm you down, for anxiety. Do not worry, you will be fine... "

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