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Taking Bystolic and Norvasc?
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I am supposed to be taking bystolic 5mg for 7days and then 10mg and I was already taking Norvasc 10mg. Does anyone else take this combo and how does it do? Here is a little background info:
I am 37yrs.old and Norvasc is my 5th med. I do ok on all the meds for a few months and then they start having bad side effects. The dr.says the Norvasc is a pretty high dose and will cause swelling so he would like to work me down. He added the bystolic but I haven't taken it yet. I don't like taking any medication, it took me quite a while and a scary trip to the er with my bp at 180/130, to stay on my meds. So far the norvasc is working fine: 115/80's heart rate: 90's. I actually noticed I was almost out of the norvasc and couldn't afford more now so I'm only taking half and I'm very pleased with how the bp is holding so I will stay on 5mg. Does anyone else tweak their own medication?
Posted on 09/18/09, 12:57 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/27/09  11:21am
" No, I am only on the Bystolic 5 mg. It seems to be working and keeping my bp low. I like it a lot because I don't have the fatigue I used to have with other beta blockers. And I have noticed it makes a difference in my ankles and feet swelling. I hope you get a good balance between your medications, make sure you discuss it with your physician. "

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