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Medical Marijuana for HS
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I have been doing alot of extensive research on the use of Medical Marijuana for HS. I have read many comments by people who have our condition who also are medical marijuana patients. They have reported that medical marijuana has eased alot of the pain as well as depression that tends to go along with HS.
Now I know this is a controversial subject and not even legal in some states, Just wanted to put this out there to see what you all think.
I live in the state of Washington where it is legal and have been thinking about becoming a patient myself, but I'm still doing research at this time.

Note: While medical marijuana is legal with some states, it's still Federally Illegal.
Posted on 02/16/10, 03:34 pm
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Reply #41 - 03/08/13  10:32pm
" Medical marijuana is the single most important thing for a hs patient. not only does it help to reduce the inflamation, it also helps to reduce the stress that can cause these flare ups and not only that, it helps a lot with depression and the emotional stress that comes along with such a terrable desease.
i have back spasms or muscle spasms from straining from pain. cant seem to be able to just sit in one spot and be comfortable. when i go to watch a movie with friends or something i can barely sit the entire movie, therefore i miss a lot of what goes on in life just becuase of this.
when i was in college, just graduate recently, i would go from class to class with this giant bump on my butt. when i say down on the bus in the morning, the bump would open up and then bleed and then my wound would heal to my pants on the hour long journey to school. when i stand up on the bus the wound would rip open because it has dired to my pants, usually leaving a red/puss dot on my ass (so embarassing you have no idea). then it would bleed all the way to first class where i would have to sit on it again and it would dry to my butt again. after the 50 minutes ended i would stand and... rip... so much pain you have no idea how hard it is to conceal that amount of pain in a class. lucky me everyone in this world is so concerned about themselves and doesnt give two rats asses about the person next to them. then on the the next class, with only 10 minutes in between to go to the bathroom to wipe whatever blood i could. its not like i could take every day off. these bumps were there 75% of the time. if i missed that many classes i would still be in class right now.
anyway. 2 years of extruciating pain and i finally have my diploma. throught the time i was in school i was only taking 1-3 rips or tolkes of marijuana every night before bed. now that i am graduate i am smokeing much much more, stress levels are down and i havent have a terrable flare up like that in months. i wish i would have used marijuana more for the pain while i was in school. i wouldnt even have to smoke it and smell like a skunk in class. i would just bake it into butter and butter my toast in the morning to get medicated. or i could make a cookie or even a diabetic person peanut butter protein bar. there are so many recepies online.
now that i have met with a doctor via skype i realize that anybody suffering from this dibilitating desease doesnt have to suffer anymore.
please go to medicalmarijuana.ca and fill out the application. they will email you back within a day or two and just do what they say in the email.
***all you need is your dermotologist to say that yes you do in fact have hs***that dermotologist does not have to know anything about you getting pot for your illness, the doctors and people at that site will take care of everything.****all you need is your dermotologist to say that you have it.**** in other words you need to be diagnosed hs on your canadian medical file*** once the files are released for only a 50$ fee, the doctors will call you back if you are elligable.***
please consider it if you are living with pain. nobody should have to live like i was living day in and day out for that amount of time. nobody. if you ever thought of getting mj for this, i urge you to try it and see what you think. it has worked wonders for me "
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Reply #42 - 03/08/13  10:54pm
" I never tried it and can't stand the terrible smell. I'd rather have a cigarette. "
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Reply #43 - 03/10/13  11:31pm
" Medical Marijuana? YES.

I smoked being a rebellious teen and got in trouble so I didn't touch the stuff for two years. My sister's best friend has her red card and smokes with me all the time. It relieve stress and pain.

I say yes 100% to mm and it helps!
My mom supports me smoking and she is okay with me getting my red card in a week when I turn 18!

Ps. I live in Colorado. I only know two people who do not smoke so it's just kind of a thing here even if you don't get your card! "
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Reply #44 - 03/11/13  2:47pm
" Forever13young... I live in Colorado too! I was wondering if you see a doctor who understands and/or specializes in HS.

I'm not a fan of the "high" feeling, but I'm definitely considering getting my medical marijuana card and buying edibles (I've heard they give you more of a body high rather than the whole stoned feeling). It should be a piece of cake in Colorado. I'm so glad I live here :) "
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Reply #45 - 03/11/13  11:38pm
" I support medical marijuana. I personally don't smoke because I get anxious and paranoid when I'm high. But hell yes, instead of laying in your dark room all day thinking about how disgusting you are and hurting bad.....a little marijuana will lift most peoples spirits and let them enjoy life a little bit.

There is no cure for this disease....we need all the help we can get. I have smoked on a couple of occaisions. One I had worked all day in a snow storm......at the end of my shift a hole on my but started pouring blood.....or bleeding out. I went through a whole roll of toilet paper and paper towels trying to get it to stop. The manager was beating on the door to the bathroom. My mom called right as I was getting into my car to go home. I cried and just choked on tears to her on the phone. I was so frustrated and in such despair. I dropped my coworker off and she gave me a little joint.

I smoked it when I got home and soaked in an epsom salt bath. Boy did it calm me down and get me out of that despair.

That's how I use the stuff. When its such a bad day I feel like i'm going to loose it or snap. Get high so my emotions can reset themselves.

If that makes any sense,

Dus "
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Reply #46 - 03/12/13  3:25am
" Update:
Wow y'all still commenting on this post lol, anyways, I had my mmj authorization for a year and tried it out but sadly had to move out of state where there is strong opposition. Also the medz was making me too anxious so I had to quit. I still support mmj patients everywhere and those who have to obtain illegally just to function. I have seen the benefits as well as the neg side effects which still, in my opinion, out weighs the risks of prescription drugs. And now with Colorado and Washington legalizing Marijuana maybe other states will continue to follow suit. "
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Reply #47 - 03/12/13  10:00pm
" Has anyone tried making hemp oil? I don't smoke pot but do live a state where it is legal. I found a lot of youtube videos claiming it cures cancer, diabetics and more. Here is a link to one of them.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D16-... "
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Reply #48 - 04/17/14  12:43am
" I am currently living in Minnesota now which is considering a medical marijuana bill to hopefully pass this year. I'm really hoping they do so that I can get my medicine again. "
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Reply #49 - 04/17/14  1:04am
" Update:
Congratulations on Maryland becoming the 21st state to legalize medical marijuana.

21 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana

1. Alaska
2. Arizona
3. California
4. Colorado
5. Connecticut
6. DC
7. Delaware
8. Hawaii
9. Illinois
10. Maine
11. Maryland
12. Massachusetts
13. Michigan
14. Montana
15. Nevada
16. New
17. New Jersey
18. New Mexico
19. Oregon
20. Rhode Island
21. Vermont
22. Washington "

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