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White Blood Cell Count low
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Trying to figure out if H.S. has anything to do with this.

I took a blood test everything was normal but my WBC was low. Netrophils were low and Lympocytes are high. And the doctor just found a swollen lymph node in my neck. Another doctor also took a culture (from open abcess under arm) and it came back as a rare (extreme) growth of Proteus Miribilas.

Overall I feel fine but just trying to figure out if its my body trying to fight this bacterial infection.
Posted on 12/07/13, 05:05 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/08/13  3:52pm
" Generally if your body is fighting a bacterial infection, your WBC count is elevated, unless the infection is "overwhelming", then it can cause the count to be low. In your case, because you said the P. miribilas growth is extreme, that may be the case. I would guess antibiotics may be helpful in fighting the infection.
According to one of my books, causes for low neutrophils can be: aplastic anemia (this is unlikely since your other blood tests were normal), dietary deficiency, overwhelming bacterial infection (ding ding?), viral infections, radiation therapy, addison disease, and drug therapies like chemotherapy.
Reasons for high lymphocytes include: chronic bacterial infection (ding ding?), viral infection, lymphocytic leukemia (not in your case), multiple myeloma (not in your case), infectious mononucleosis, radiation, and infectious hepatitis.

According to my book, my guess would be that your levels are low due to an overwhelming infection. If your body is unable to fight it off, they may prescribe antibiotics. Don't take my word for it, I'm just inferring the information from my nursing books, but I hope this was a little helpful.

Source: Mosby's Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference, Pagana & Pagana "
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Reply #2 - 12/08/13  3:59pm
" I guess I should mention, I think you're spot on about this being your body trying to fight the infection. In HS, our WBC go to the source of inflammation (this is what causes the smell when they rupture). So my guess is this is why your counts are low.
Long story short, I don't think its anything to worry about, just keep taking care of yourself.
I am not a doctor, however, so I would advise you take any questions and concerns to your dermatologist or PCP. "
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Reply #3 - 12/08/13  11:04pm
" Thank you! And that's exactly what I was thinking. But I'd rather it be that then anything else more severe. Unfortunately, my primary physican shrugged it off. So, I literally had to ask her to give me something for it. So I'm taking antibiotics now. I'd never think it would affect my WBC, though. Thanks again. "

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