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Wound Vac vs Packing
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I'm gonna have surgery and have open wounds after. Doc is planning on having me do the packing/dressing stuff. I just started wondering if I do the wound vac do I still have to do the packing? Which hurts more?
Posted on 01/19/12, 12:29 am
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Reply #1 - 01/19/12  9:52pm
" As you read on my other post I had the wound vac on my left axilla. I had a pretty big sore under my right axilla later that they couldn't operate on because I was about 6 months pregnant, so they just had to cut and drain it then I had it packed everyday for almost 3 months then I finally gave up and it just healed shut last week. (my son is 7 months old). But that was a very small wound and they didn't pull the tract or diseased skin out, so I imagine if they'd have done that it would have healed a lot better.

As far as pain goes...the wound I had packed was pretty was a bit painful for the first week or so, but honestly...the wound vac experience was probably one of the most painful things I have ever been through. I'm not sure what you know about the vac but what happens is they take this black coarse sponge-lilke material and place it on your wound, then tape it down and the vac constantly sucks all of the air/blood out of the wound. It gives you a smaller chance of infection, and the only thing that hurt while it was ON was the tape (my skin is very sensitive to tape). What was painful was the dressing changes... 3 days a week. Once your granulation tissue starts coming have the vac pressed into it for 2-4 days then you have to go have them rip the black sponge out of your wound and replace it all. The first time I hadn't taken any pain medicine and I literally cried the entire time they did it, it was absolutely the worst pain I've ever felt. From then on I went in there as high on vicodin as I could mortally be and it got a little easier everytime but it was a process that I just was not prepared for. I didn't realize what it entailed going into it. If you're prepared to deal with it, maybe it would be easier. "

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