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Chest pain with Hiatal hernia
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Has anyone had chest pain with their hiatal hernia and if so can you discribe how it feels to you. Sharp? Stabbing? I have had a hiatal hernia for yrs now but lately I have been having chest pain and wonder if it is from this. I also have fibromyalgia and wonder if that may be the cause. Any replys are welcome...thanks
Posted on 01/19/10, 05:23 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/22/10  12:13pm
" Touch beside your breastbone, feel your ribs are then tender to touch and painful along your breastbone., If so, you have costochrondritis which I get with my fibro. Think you are having a heart attack but you arent.

Sometimes you have chest pain with acid reflux, which I also have but its more of burning.

I been to ER 3 times thinking it was my heart. finally I found an ER dr that said it was costo. When we went on vacation this year and I over did it climbing ladders on this ship, my chest hurt and I got short of breath, Scary so I went to a cardiologist, did a cath lab and said heart was good, it was costochrondritis again.

Have it checked out to be sure. Better safe then sorry "
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Reply #2 - 01/23/10  8:13pm
" HI,
i,m not sure i have this but i am told i show all the symtom,s of a hiatal hernia, i also have fibro, i can totally emathise with you as i have a lump in my upper stomach area and when i am bunged up i get a pain in the left side of my chest, it,s like everytime i breath in i feel it, it is hard to desribe but i tell my doctor it,s like a bad ache it doesn,t go away it,s there all the time, it also scares me a bit as i,m not sure what it is,i am waiting to see if i have a hiatal hernia i do know i have a lump which is affecting me when i eat i am also fed up with the ache i have in my chest, i as i have said i,m not sure yet if i have this but i would like to know what your pain is like? is it sharp then like a dull ache if it is i think i may very well have the same thing, i would be grateful if you would let me know how you get on, i hope you are feeling better kelly x "
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Reply #3 - 01/23/10  9:29pm
" Hi Kelly, Not sure what you feel like but I get sharp pains...sometimes I will have a sharp pain and other times it is like something is clawing down my esophagus. Sometimes food sticks and I KNOW it is the hernia and other times I am not sure. I just had an ultrasound to ck my gallbladder too, to rule out any problems with that. I have Fibro and have known I have that and the hiatal hernia for yrs now. I really had it under control till about october and then I have had trouble since. It does scare me at times, having chest pains when I don't expect them. But it helps to come on here and have others to talk to and ask questions about things. I will let you know what more I find out of anything. In the meantime the dr told me to take liquid maalox as needed and I also take Nexium to help with the hernia. Hope you find some help as well....Linetta :) "
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Reply #4 - 01/28/10  8:52pm
" I was diagnosed with a moderate hh at the end of October and I have had TONS of chest pains - all different kinds: sharp, stabbing, dull aching... almost always on the left side. Even left side jaw pain, or more like weird sensations. And left side arm and shoulder blade pain. My father died unexpectedly of a sudden heart attack at 30 so all of this has been very unerving for me, to say the least. :-( I've also had attacks (like panic attacks) in the middle of the night where I feel like I can't breathe and I get so dizzy and almost pass out. My heart races for no reason at times and I feel like I have swallowed a brick. I haven't seen a cardiologist or even went to the ER because I did have a stress test 2 years ago that came back fine - very healthy. My GI doc seems to think it's just the hh. So I just have to keep telling myself that it IS THE HH and nothing else. But I do feel your pain - and it is scary. But it is common to experience chest pains of all sorts with an hh, unfortunately. :-( Guess it's something that we will just have to live with and get used to. Oh - going for a barium swallow to see if I'm having any esophagus probs - was told yesterday that can be blamed for the chest pain also - might want to check into that. "
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Reply #5 - 03/18/10  1:17am
" My hh is a pain, literally. Every single day it hurts me and there is never a time when it doesnt hurt. There are some days so bad i cant get up and going. It has sharp, stabbing, and even burning pains. More than once i thought i was having a heart attack. "
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Reply #6 - 03/19/10  8:01am
" Yes, I have a hh and chest pains & back pain under my shoulder blades. Until we knew it was the hh I was checked out for heart problems, and my heart is fine.
I recently elevated my bed at the headboard 6 inches and it has helped a lot with the hh, I don't get up ill to my stomach anymore.
Good luck to you Linettam, I hope you find something to make you feel better:) "
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Reply #7 - 05/07/10  11:06am
" I just had an endoscopy two days ago and the GI doc said I have a MILD HIATUS HERNIA. I started feeling horrible the beginning of April. I have Fibromyalgia so I am used to chronic pain but this has been WORSE for me. Stomach pains, acid coming through my throat, burping constantly, no appetite, lost weight, anxiety issues from it. This has been the WORST month for me ( april and now may) :(

I heard that chiropractors can fix the hiatal hernia. I am so desperate I wanna go to one TODAY. I have tried so many other things to no avail. It seems to get better then something comes back. Last night anxiety again from breathing issues. UGH! I just want relief as we all do and answers! Hugs to you all "
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Reply #8 - 05/07/10  7:46pm
" Hello,

Yes the anxiety is a big thing with the fibro and the HH I just flew to utah from Illinois this past week and that is always nerve racking for me. Needless to say I had more aches and pains and always the chest pains that come from both the HH and the the costrocondritis. NOT fun for sure and can really scare a person when it happens. I always just keep up with my check ups and make sure everything is ok. As always it is good to come here and see what other people have experienced and always get advice about what has helped them. I do know that a chiropractor. or at least some can help a hiatal hernia. If you make an appt ask if the dr knows how to treat that. God bless and best wishes....Linettam "
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Reply #9 - 05/08/10  10:42pm
" Hi Linette and others,

Went to the Chiropractor yesterday. She was extremely nice and understanding. Told her about my long standing pain issues since age 12 ( im 28 now) and the recent stomach attacks that sent me to the E.R. She said they DO adjust hiatal hernias. So she did that along with a thorough work up, XRAYS and adjustments for my messed up neck and back. I have high hopes for it and I have heard that it CAN treat and fix the hernia. She also told of ways you can adjust the hernia yourself which people have been doing for years. Google it and try it yourself to see if gives some relief.

I also started as of yesterday, taking ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR before each meal and at night. Again, something that has been around for centuries being used to treat all kinds of ailments. I heard A.C.V ( be sure it is 'with the mother' meaning purest form) is great for gastro issues. I hope I hope I hope it works for me ! It seems to help somewhat so far... "
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Reply #10 - 06/02/10  7:53pm
" I also was diagnosed with HH today- had a GI scope because 2 months ago I came down with really fierce burning pains across my chest. And nausea w/dry heaves. Never really any vomiting. I had been on Nexium for 4 years prior to my first GI scope 2 years ago. Doc said everything was clean and normal then. So I stopped the Nexium for the fact of the long term use and the Calcium drawing issue. BIG MISTAKE!

Had the Stress Test- the CT scan all normal. Then my family doc told me I had Shingles- based on some almost dried up bumps on my left chest area. I would have HORRIBLE chest pains along with the dry heaves. 2 visits to the ER- 1 visit to the PromptCare and numerous trips to my family Doc.. All of them disagreeing with each other.

So now I have another visit with the Cardio DR in July. All I want to know if this dull achy pain running up and down my left sternum is really Shingles pain? Or pain from the HH? Or still heart related. My family Doc says the Cardiac Cath only as a last resort.

I feel for every one in this group! "

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