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Hiatal and bad breath
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I have suffered with bad breath for as long as I can remember. It causes me great anxiety on a daily basis to the point where I want to do nothing but cry. I have tried absolutely everything and when I go to the dentist and mention it they just tell me to floss more or something. I have great oral hygiene and no amount of brushing or mouthwash will get rid of it. When I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia a few days ago and moderate to severe acid reflux my mom mentioned to me that this may be what has caused my bad breath my entire life. She says that I have suffered from it since I was a little kid and I know that a hiatal hernia is something that you can be born with. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and perhaps seen it go away after receiving treatment of some sort. I really cannot go on living with bad breath like this and I am praying to god that this hiatal hernia is the answer to my prayers!
Any support or personal stories will be greatly appreciated!
Posted on 01/10/09, 11:28 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/28/09  2:06pm
" i have the problem too...I am waiting for surgery....but I do alot of teeth brushing and mouth wash....I am not sure what else you can do...but this is a good question...sorry I cant help you out...hugs "
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Reply #2 - 02/11/09  5:42pm
" Do you still have your tounsils? and how is your bp if you have hyperthyroid you will also have bad breath. That's my experience with it once I got my thyroid out and BP to normal I didn't have bad breath but I do after a night of throwing up still! "
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Reply #3 - 02/12/09  1:08pm
" one more thing is H.pylori a lot has been said about this that the antibodies for H.pylori gets rid of halitoses and in fact helps skin Acne rosacea. who knew a lot of people have been cured even president Bush seems the CIA have alot of people with H. pylori. just putting my two-cents but I also learned that H.pylori has been the cause of ulcer and stomach cancer the very least you should be checked for this and if you have it take antibodics designed for that! "
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Reply #4 - 04/22/09  7:12pm
" I've been suffering with the bad breath issue as well. I figured it was due to my digestive problems. What I have tried is a wonderful product called "Mint Assure" This stuff is awesome. It works well. The only place I can find it now is on It's not expensive and it's worth it to try it. I haven't had any noticeable new pains since I've been taking it, so I'm guessing it's not effecting my issues. "
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Reply #5 - 04/24/09  8:03pm
" maybe try peroxide wash...hugs "
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Reply #6 - 02/28/10  3:48pm
" Hi emy, I've been having the same problem for a year now, my doctor gave me all kinds of medicaments to no avail, I have no reflux but very bad breath. I understand you, It's really hard.

After having tried patiently all the drugs my doctor prescribed me, now I've managed to see a surgeon. I hope this will fix the problem.
Don't get discuraged, just explain to your doctor how bad you feel about it and follow his instructions, if they don't work, let him know, and keep asking.
Do all the test they ask you and keep asking.
Keep some perspective on it, this is not as hard as to have AIDS or cancer. But keep talking to your doctor about it. Now that you know the cause of the problem you will find the cure. For your information the operation is called a fundoplication.

Hugs and God bless you. "
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Reply #7 - 05/09/11  8:27am
" Member since March 30, 2011
I have the same problem and just recently was diagnose with a Hiatal Hernia. I’m very much interested in the outcome of your treatment. I know how you feel, is very difficult to live this way but hang in there may just maybe the treatment for the Hiatal hernia is the answer to our prayers "
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Reply #8 - 07/22/14  1:49am
" I see that this comment was 5 years ago, but it matches exactly my experience. It has taken me 66 years to finally understand. From childhood everyone rejected me, even kids at primary school ('I don't know how you'll ever make any friends' said one) and I never understood why. Now, after an endoscopy, I have been diagnosed with hiatal hernia. The bad breath I suffer from is fecal breath - the worst kind. Nothing to do with oral hygiene. Gases from undigested food in the protruded stomach come up sporadically via the oesophagus and out through the mouth. Even if you shut your mouth, it comes out through the nose. Only solution: strong mint chewing gum whenever you are in public. "
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Reply #9 - 08/16/14  1:09am
" I to was born with hiatal hernia, now on Dexilant and do not suffer from bad breath, not even in the morning. My gastro doctor said this med was best for me, the only problem now, I cannot lose weight(: I also make sure I take a good probiotic. Hope this helps. "

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