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Hello all, I'm brand new to this site. Joined a few minutes ago. I will be starting treatment on 9/1 for 6 months. (I am a geno-type 2). I would really like to hear from some people who have gone through treatment. I'd like to hear the side effects you have, secrets of coping, and whether or not it worked for you, and if not, why? I'm SUPER curious to know if joint pain and fatique disappear once the virus is gone. Also, my liver is Stage 2 Fibrosis, going into stage 3. I stopped drinking (beer) 3 months ago. If I completely abstain from alcohol for the rest of my life AND completely rid the virus from my body, what are my chances of getting full-blown chirrosis down the road? (BTW, I've had Hep C for 31 yrs. now and drank quite heavy most all those years, with the exception of 7 years I did quit). I'll check back periodically. Can't wait to read some stories!
Posted on 04/26/10, 10:14 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/26/10  10:29pm
" Hi Womandi and welcome to the site. You are in a good place to find support from a bunch of nice folks and we're all in the same boat, different paths and hardships but lots to share.
Hey if you are geno 2 you got a good chance of treatment response and if you are only stage 2-3 your liver can still regenerate itself to some point if you can get the virus to stop chewing it up.
I am 40 yrs infected geno 1 and stage 3. I am on Pegasys for 48 weeks, just started 3 weeks ago. I hope to start showing a virus load reduction soon and that means the therapy is working and I have a fighting chance of treating it.
Check in often and browse the discussions.
Good luck with it all! "
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Reply #2 - 04/26/10  10:31pm
" Hi and Welcome. I am new here to and this is a great group. You will no doubt find what you are looking for. I am Geno Type 2 as well just recently found out I had HCV. Have no clue how long I have had it. I do have a question as well once you see your doctor how long does it take to start treatments? My first appt is May 6. "
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Reply #3 - 04/26/10  10:32pm
" welcome gal. im 51 yrs old, have been thru 3 unsuccesful treatments , am stage 3 fibrosis and was recently told that without booze hep c would not shorten my life. ive had hcv for over 30 yrs and seriously poured down some loudmouth. a six month treatment should be pretty mild. you gradually get sicker on treatment and i dont honestly think youll be very trashed in only 6 months. your fortunate. i think they were hinting at 72 weeks of infergen for me. thats impossible, id have only been a skeleton with riba rage. fuckin gone mad with no power. i hate that. "
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Reply #4 - 04/26/10  10:43pm
" Welcome to the site, great place for many different stories that covers probably every thing that can happen on tx. IMHO stopping drinking is a good first step. The liver is already hurting why piss it off more? I am geno 1, stage 3 and 6 months into tx. My sides have been weight loss(21 lbs), low rbcs/wbcs riba rash/rage etc. Several of the ladies on here have finished tx and can give you more info about being off tx. Good luck on your journey killing the bastard dragon. Keep the faith. "
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Reply #5 - 04/26/10  10:47pm
" Thanks so far, everyone. Oh, but I did have one unsuccessful treatment, 10 yrs. ago. Regular interferon (no "peg"). I called the Dr. to say I was soooooooooo fatiqued, so he told me to come in. Took blood count. Red cells were down to 3. He told me to STOP taking it, that it didn't agree w/ me - made me enemic. He said had I taken ONE more shot and not called him I could have died. So anyway, I got married last August. My hubby has insurance so after 10 years of me having none, I decided to get my HCV checked out again. Now this new Dr. wants me to re-try therapy. I told her my past story but she says they are going to take blood WEEKLY, then call me the next day and tell me whether or not to take my next shot. And there you have it! "
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Reply #6 - 04/26/10  10:49pm
" Welcome, I too am a 2b. I have not started tx but hope to in the very near future.

Not sure how it works with other doctors but mine required me to take a class. It consisted of what to expect from tx, what sides are common. How to give shots and just about anything else there is to know about hep. After my class I was diagnosed with another disease which has delayed my treatment. I still have to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, another requirement of my doctor. Then order the meds. That can take some time dealing with the companies and insurance. My pharmacist told me she would order my meds for me so I just pick them up from her.

Geno 2's are shorter treatment. 24 weeks, and we respond better to treatment.

Hope this helps. Treatment affects everyone differently. What I have learned here is attitude and education is everything. Read all you can about the disease and keep a positive attitude. "
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Reply #7 - 04/26/10  10:54pm
" womandi, they can give you procrit for the rbc's. Mine have been 1 for 3 months and wbc's are at 1.10 After 3 months wbc's the same and rbc's up to 2. Not that much of a jump but procrit really helps. Good luck to ya "
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Reply #8 - 04/26/10  11:06pm
" Hi Dave, well if my rbc's get that low I quit. My last Dr. was a specialist and mine being at 3 scared HIM, nevermind me. I mean he was dead serious when he told me to stop taking it or I'd die. Hmmmm.....maybe times have changed in 10 years? "
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Reply #9 - 04/26/10  11:41pm
" Dave, my lab info shows:
WBC norm: 3.70-10.40
RBC norm: 4.00-5.20

my white was around 1.27 before I began Neupogen at week 18

hope the Procit kicks in soon and you feel better "
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Reply #10 - 04/27/10  6:44am
" I HOPE my rbc count starts to drop soon. My doc is suspicious that I may be an early non-responder unless he sees this happen. It's the destruction of the rbc that shows the body is up taking the Ribavirin.
I will still go to eight weeks vl test.In the meantime I just want those damn rbcs to budge a bit "

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